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Tamron will soon announce a new 17-50mm f/4.0 lens

According to How2Fly Tamron will tomorrow announce the 17-50mm f/4.0 FE lens. This is one of the lenses patented a while ago and I am confident How2Fly knows his business. So stay tuned for tomorrows announcement!

Curiosity: Tamron’s CEO to resign due to misappropriation of expenses (Source Asobinet):

The Company has received a request from former Representative Director and President Shiro Ajisaka (hereinafter referred to as “Mr. Ajisaka”) that he would like to resign as Representative Director and Director as of today. We hereby announce that the Board of Directors has resolved to change the representative director as follows.

  • On July 9, 2023, there was a whistleblower report to the external point of contact for the whistleblower system operated by the Company that Ms. Ajisaka had accompanied a third party woman on a business trip and had diverted the company’s expenses for personal use. With this as an opportunity, the Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Outside Directors of the Company have investigated the facts.
  • As a result, Ms. Ajisaka ate and drank several times a month at a specific restaurant involving the above third-party woman for at least the past five years, and made the Company bear the costs (hereinafter referred to as the “Matter”). ) was discovered.
  • In response to the occurrence of this incident, Mr. Ajisaka requested that he resign from his position as representative director and director today, and the Company accepted this and resolved to select a successor representative director and president at the meeting of the board of directors held today. is.
  • The Company takes the occurrence of this matter extremely seriously, and at the meeting of the Board of Directors held today, an investigative committee consisting of neutral and fair outside experts independent from the Company and independent outside directors (hereinafter “special We have also resolved to establish an investigative committee” and to conduct a thorough fact-finding investigation on this matter.
  • The Company will fully cooperate with the investigation by the Special Investigation Committee and proceed with the investigation as soon as possible. In addition, if there are matters that should be disclosed during the investigation by the Special Investigation Committee, we will promptly announce them, and we will promptly notify you of the investigation results by the Special Investigation Committee as soon as we receive the investigation report. is.
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