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Panasonic says: new entry and very high end L-mount cameras will be coming and the new telephoto zoom will be very compact

CameraBeta has been invited for a talk with Panasonic managers and this is the info they gathered:

  • At present, Panasonic focuses on the mid-range full-frame camera market, but in the next few years, it will supplement entry-level and high-end models
  • Video will continue to focus on 4K, 6K oversampling, 6K and open gate.
  • 8K is not sufficiently popular in the consumer market.
  • A telephoto lens will be available soon. I think it’s a surprising size, so please look forward to it.
  • It has suffered a lot in the last three years, but is still very good.
  • LUMIX G is stable overall. LUMIX S is the best result ever.
  • China is the strongest market.
    ・Rapid recovery of production and sales
    ・Securing production and supply by building factories


via Asobinet

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