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Sigma Q&A at Imaging Resource: “the market is changing from DSLR to mirrorless much quicker than I thought.”

Sigma spilled out some info in a new interview with Imaging Resource:

APS-C L-mount lenses:
Yamaki said “we will release APS-C sized lenses for L-mount in 2020“. These will be L-mount adapted lenses of their current APS-C lenses for MFT and Sony E-mount

New natively designed lenses for mirrorless:
Yamaki: “brand-new lens designed for the short flange-back system should be available some time this year.

Sigma’s most selling lenses are…
….”I can’t tell you the exact numbers, but the most popular right now is Canon, and next is Nikon. Sony E-mount is growing

About the possibility to make Canon RF and Nikon Z lenses:
…”We are still checking their systems, and it’s a bit too early to make comment. But right now, we’re checking the compatibility between our lenses and their mount adapter. We already know that it works almost perfectly, but in some specific settings and [for some] operations, our lens does not work perfectly [with their adapter yet], like continuous burst mode...”

About the Sigma FE lens sales:
…”Surprisingly good. They like the optical performance of those lenses. It’s better than I expected. But there also are some people waiting for the lens design for the short flange-back, so we are also working on it

Market is shrinking.
Yamaki believes the market will shrink further: “Maybe [down] 20 to 25% from now, that’s my guess.

DSLR vs Mirrorless:
…”the market is changing from DSLR to mirrorless much quicker than I thought.“…..”Eventually, I think the majority of interchangeable-lens cameras will be mirrorless.

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