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Rumor says Sony might give you a new Full Frame A5 with IBIS, pop up EVF, 4k60 (crop) for a price around $1,000

rendering of a possible A5 camera (Yukai)

Now if that rumor turns out to be true than Fuji and MFT folks will have to worry. Sony might plan to launch a new $1,000 Full Frame camera in September. Those are the first and super wild rumored specs via SAR:

  • new body design similar to a5xxx/a6xxx mixed metal and plastic.
  • The grip is pretty large to accommodate the battery.
  • 5 fps
  • ibis
  • no pop-up flash
  • there is a pop-up evf with 770.000 pixels (2.3m points) 0.6x mag.
  • Also touch screen like the a7sIII
  • records 4k 24p 10bit 100mbps, 4k 30p 10bit 100mbps and it even has 50/60p 4k but is really crippled they told me no audio, cropped and works only in s&q mode

This one would sell hot and basically kill the entire APS-C segment!

MR note: I only wrote this statement to attract Fuji and MFT trolls in the comment system….like flies on shit :)

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