Nikon mirrorless with 4 new lenses to be announced in September (Nikonrumors).

The cat and mouse game is continuing and according to Nikonrumors there will eb two mroe Nikon product announcements in September! They say the Mirrorless camera will look almost exactly like the mockup you can see here on top of the article. And those should be the funcitons available on the camera:

Now Nikon, let’s make an end with this long mirrorless rumor story! :)

P.S.: Canon…where are you?

Sonyhuge announcement, and Nikons huge disappointment!

First of all. Nikon didn’t announce anything special yet. Juts normal Coolpix cameras. But Sony really made my day! See here:

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Previews and Reviews

Sony A77 hands-on images from Singapore event.
Sony NEX-7 preview with video on Engadget.
Sony NEX-5N video preview by Engadget.
First VG-20 video preview on youtube.
HOT! Sony NEX 5N preview at ThePhoBlographer.
Sony NEX-5N preview at Dpreview.
HOT!!! And here is the NEX-7 video:

Image samples


First VG-20 video preview on youtube.


Engadget says: “We love the 24.3 megapixel sensor, but the camera’s OLED viewfinder is the star of the show.

Links to Press release

Sony announcement at Digitalcamerainfo.
Sony NEX-7 at Dpreview.
Sony NEX-5N at Dpreview.
The new Sony A and E-mount lenses at Dpreview.
A picture of the press release on US Today (Click here).

Social Media (and reactions)

Live Sony event tweets by JVS on Twitter.
SAR group on Google+ and Facebook

Preorder the new stuff!

Sony A77 with 16-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A77 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A65 with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony A65 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-7 body only at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm lens at Amazon (Click here).
Sony NEX-5N at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 16-50mm A-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 50mm f/1.8 E-mount at Amazon (Click here).
Sony 55-210mm E-mount at Amazon (Click here).


A biggers sisther of the Pentax Q coming soon?

As you know there always have been rumors about two different Mirrorless systems coming from Pentax. The first was the Pentax Q with tiny sensors. According to Quesabesde (Click here) there is a good chance that soon pentax will announce the second mirrorless system with ASP-C sensor. This is a bit a suprirsing news because after the beeing acquired by Ricoh most would have expected that a direct Ricoh GRX competition would no more come from the Pentax division.

First Samsung 16mm image samples and new Samsung NX200 mockup.

The SamsungImaging website (Click here) posted the very first image samples taken with the new 16mm f/2.4 pancake. Anyway, it’s to early to give a final judgment about the optical quality. And DSLRmagazine (Click here) wrote the very first preview with all four new Samsung lenses (16mm, 60mm macro, 85mm portrait lens and 18-200mm zoom). As you know you can already preorder the Samsung pancake at BHphoto (Click here).

And according to Redcrow the NX200 wood mockup you can see at SLRclub (Click here) looks very close to the real NX200!

New NEX-7 and NEX-5N leaks!

I guess we will not be surprised when Sony will announce the new NEX cameras on August 24 (yes next Wednesday).

On the same day there will be a Nikon announcement too. But there have been no leak of the cameras yet :(


Some tidbits about the upcoming Samsung NX200.

A phantasy Samsung NX200 designed by a SLRclub forum user.

A couple of sources gave me sent me some info about the upcoming Samsung NX200 that should be announced on September 5. The NX200 will be smaller than the actual NX100 (but not as small as the NEX-C3 or GF3). It has a less curved design and a small grip. Redcrow at Dpreview (Click here) wrote that the image you see on top is “They look very close from NX200 except no built-in flash and analog gauges. NX200 has its mount projected like NEX. The body is thinner than those pictures and bigger grip.“.

Reminder: Another sources told us the NX200 will have a 20 Megapixel sensor.