Nikon A outclasses the rest of the high end compacts (X100s may be the exception).

DxOmark (Click here) published the full Nikon A sensor test results. The Nikon beats all other tested High End Compact cameras. But it has to be said the the brand new X100s hasn’t been tested yet. I guess the Fuji will outclass even the Nikon A.

The Coolpix A shipments just started at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). And the Fuji X100s is also shipping at Amazon (Click here).

  • Dave


    • Hendrick

      (Except!) RX1

    • Ranger 9

      I would be inclined to say the RX1 belongs in a different category (“plutocracy compact?”) but DxOmark itself does say:

      “For high-end compact cameras the Nikon Coolpix A ranks second behind the full frame Sony RX1 but just nudges its rival APS-C counterpart the Fujifilm X100 into third.”

      I wonder why Admin would “guess the Fuji will outclass even the Nikon A.” Because he drank the X-Tran sensor Kool-aid?

      • Hendrick

        DxO will not measure X trans sensors because of their unusual color array. They stated this so Fuji X lovers can only speculate about performance.

        That being said, one needs to remember the ISO inflation in Fuji X cameras (around 2/3 of a stop) when measuring ISO equivalents to other cameras. This will easily downgrade Fuji’s performance in the high ISO dept. against other cameras.

        • JimB

          It could be that the DxOMark test may have to omit the X-trans sensor because of being to tied algorithmically to the old Bayer sensors. Which wouldn’t really say anything about the IQ of X-trans sensor photographs. No? And where do you get “ISO inflation” from? You should read more reviews of Fujifilm X cameras, the vast majority of which gives very high marks for IQ and for high ISO capability. No other APS-C size sensors do any better. The claims of full frame results from the X-trans are inflated, however.

          • Hendrick


            One of a few.

            Download either jpegs or raws from in their image sample scene from either sony, canon, nikon and compare that to fuji. In ISO’s lower than 1600 you will see that Fuji needs 1/3 more ISO to illuminate the same scene equally.

            For example:

            C/S/N ISO 800 1/30 f2
            Fuji ISO 800 1/20 f2

            and for the higher ISOs you get 2/3 of a stop difference.

            Directly from DPReview samples

            C/S/N ISO 3200 1/800 f11
            Fuji ISO 3200 1/1000 f8

            See it for yourself. The comparison of same ISO performance vs other cameras is not fair seeing that Fuji needs more light. So, rather, it should be: Using an aperture of f2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/125, what ISO do we need to illuminate this scene equally with camera X and camera Y (Fuji)?

            There you get it.

  • Lee

    Leica X2 ? Or Sigma DP 3

    • john

      Don’t know about leica, but when you see those Sigma DP vs D800 comparison tests out there, where the DP does not surpass, but comes quite close to the D800, it’s rather unlikely that the A is anywhere close to that.
      Well, I guess it doesn’t matter since it’s an established fact that DxO measures some random stuff that’s largely unrelated to real photography anyways. Not saying that the A has bad IQ tho. I don’t know and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had IQ that surpasses your average DSLR easily. It better does since it’s a fixed sensor lens combo and a rather expensive one on top of that.

  • pepe

    Not bed. Still, X100 is pretty close and for half the price it offers so much more.

  • jlabate

    I’m not sure of the true worth of the numbers but the Nex-7 rates an 81. Is not in the same category as the Coolpix A?

  • matt jones

    Why couldn’t Nikon have made it a little less ugly

  • Slaven

    DxO always tests new Nikon stuff just after few days after announcement, while some other brands wait for ten months. Does DxO live with Nikon in a romantic relationship?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Yes, DXO is a little bit biased..

  • simon

    what is bothering me is the fact, that from the nexes only the 7 is in the same class sensorwise as this small nikon. why does sony not put their best sensors in their nex cameas?

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I don’t like test charts nor boring numbers.. Show me what this camera can do in the hand of a good photografer and I’ll know what results someone can expect and aim for.

    • Brudy

      Totally agree. DxO is for gear nerds and pointless.

  • Sky

    Yet another proof that large-sensor compact might be a better option than mirrorless for 90% of people buying them. Simpler, smaller, lighter, and offers as good image quality as mirrorless, if not: better.

    Note that Coolpix A is better than EVERY SINGLE M4/3 BODY in terms of DxO Score. In every sub-score. Beating OM-D by 9 overall points.

  • beverage

    Who friggin’ cares about DxOMark twisted scores anymore? Giving the dynamic range so big influence to the scores is just stupid. Our eyes don’t have 14 EV in dynamics unless they are staring at the same spot for several minutes. 11-12 EV in DR is just fine IF you get the correct exposure.

    The bent results of Nikon D800/D800E being better at high ISO than 5DIII is just inaccurate. Now they are trying to save some of their reputation by publishing the results of the almost nonexisting sharpness advantage of D800/D800E compared to 5DIII despite the 22% more pixels.

    This is how it goes when a review site is dependent of a camera manufacturer, in this case Nikon promoting the single attribute that is better than their biggest competitor, the dynamic range. An improvement which is not necessary to begin with if you get the exposure right.

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