Two Nikon mirrorless cameras to be unveiled on September 21.

And finally Nikon mirrorless rumors are exploading on the web! Nikonrumors found an  invitiation for a new product display in Vienna on September 21 (See image on top). Nikonrumors also said that there is a new image processing engine: “that will be able to deliver some insane frame rates and video capabilities. This new processor (or a light version of it) will be included in the new Nikon mirrorless camera.“.

About time Nikon!

Samsung NX200 coming on September the 1st (like the Fuji X10/50)

The new Samsung NX200 will be displayed at the IFA event in Berlin (See Redcrow post and Sammyhub). This means that the rumors saying it will be announced on September the first are very likely correct.

It will have a new 20 Megapixel sensor and no built-in EVF.

On the same day also Fuji will announce the new X10/X50. A mirrorless camera will probably be announced at the CES event in January only!

Fuji X10/X50 specs. Samsung NX200 also coming very soon.


Photorumors posted the specs of the next FUji X10/50 “low budget” camera:

  • Bright, high resolution, Fujinon f/2.0-2.8 lens
  • Manual 4x optical zoom lens
  • Optical zoom viewfinder
  • 12 MP 2/3 inch EXR CMOS sensor
  • EXR Processor
  • Manual shooting modes
  • RAW capabilities
  • Up to 10fps
  • Retro design with magnesium alloy body
  • Full HD 1080p movies with stereo sound
  • Manual pop-up flash
  • Dedicated hotshoe
  • High contrast 2.8? 460k LCD monitor
  • 1cm super macro mode
  • Motion Panorama 360 degrees
  • Auto Bracketing Functions

  • And it looks like that the 20 Megapixel Samsung NX200 camera will be announced within the next 10 days!

    First image fo the upcoming Fuji X10/X50!!!

    Click on the picture to view it full size!

    The Fuji X10/X50 has been leaked via Somethingawful forum (Click here)!!! This is the very first picture of the upcoming fixed lens Fuji with 2/3 size sensor. The camera will have a different name depending on the country where it will go on sale. Fuji X10 in some of them and Fuji X50 in the rest of the world. It has 12 Megapixels, 28-112mm f/2.0 lens, records FullHD, 2.9 inch LCD screen.

    But unlike the [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink] it seems to have an optical viewfinder only!