Mirrorless news roundup (Pentax Q, Samsung NX200 and lens review at Photozone)

DigitalRev Styled Fuji X10 Field Test by TheCameraStoreTV.

Photozone posted a double Samsung lens review and the results are damn good!
1) Samsung NX 30mm f/2 test (Click here): “The Samsung NX 30mm f/2 is a highly attractive pancake lens. It’s very usable at f/2 and f/2.8 and very sharp across the image frame at medium aperture settings. Distortions as well as lateral CAs are minimal and not relevant from a real life perspective.
2) Samsung NX 20mm f/2.8 test (Click here): “Pancake lenses cannot be perfect – the small size simply implies some compromises. However, the Samsung NX 20mm f/2.8 does a pretty good job actually. At f/2.8 you have to live with some corner softness and quite high vignetting. However, the center resolution and contrast is already very decent here.“.

The Pentax Q sensor has been tested at DxOmark (Click here).

Samsung NX200 review at Photoxels (Click here): “The Samsung NX200 is intuitive, delivers great results and easily meets the challenges a serious photographer might throw its way. It’s that rare compact mirrorless DSLR that you pick up and enjoy using right away“.

Fuji X10 ISO test at Focus Numerique (Click here).

Message from David: “I’m an editor for Hardware.Info and would like to bring a review of the new Nikon CX camera’s to your attention on our sister site, FotoVideo.nu.
I believe it is one of the first more extensive reviews of these camera’s and therefore perhaps of interest to your visitors. It is in Dutch, but the graphs and test results should be clear even for non-Dutch speakers. A Google translate link is included here as well, with the to be expected terribly mangled English :)
Here’s the original link:
And the Google Translate:


Black Friday deals: Fuji X100, Nikon 1 discounts.

Many reviewers argued that the new Nikon 1 cameras are too expensive. Good to hear that at least our US readers can enjoy a $50 discount on all Nikon 1 cameras! Check the list here at Amazon (Click here). And to learn more about the cameras read the two latest reviews:
Nikon 1 review at Neocamera (Click here): “Nikon really pushed things here, giving the V1 the smoothest and most seamless integration between stills and video on any digital camera to date. The V1 is always ready to shoot both images and video with an imperceptible lag and always previews the correct framing for both.
1 Nikkor 10mm f/2.8 – Review at Photozone (Click here): “Thus, ompared to the default kit zoom lens, the 1 Nikkor VR 10-30mm, the small pancake lens offers slightly superior performance, but in a much smaller and in addition more robust package. Unlike the zoom, however, the prime does not feature optical stabilization.

Also the price of the Fuji X100 is getting lower and lower. It’s now in Stock fo $1153 at Amazon (Click here). The camera just won the Design Award (Photographyblog)…again!

New Samsung NX200 reviews and firmware update

[shoplink 100005][/shoplink]A couple of weeks ago Samsung announced the 1.01 firmware upgrade for the NX200 and now they released the new 1.02 firmware (Click here to download the Zip file / via OpenPN). That’s fats Samsung ;)

There are also two new reviews:
Samsung NX200 review at ePhotozine (Click here): “The camera scores highly in all areas and importantly produces great image quality whilst providing an extremely competitive price. Highly Recommended!“.
And another NX200 review at Whatdigitalcamera (Click here): “The NX200 is a big step beyond the NX100. The design and layout don’t disappoint and the camera is a breeze to use. Image quality is also phenomenal at the lower ISO settings – something we didn’t anticipate considering the high resolution – and high ISO settings are decent

The NX200 is in Stock at [shopcountry 100005].

Fuji X10 reviews and in Stock status

Fuji X10 video review by Digitalrev.

The Fuji X10 is in Stock in almost any worldwide store and reviews are being publish almost everyday. Here is a recent list:
New Fuji X10 review at ePhotozine (Click here): “This camera feels great in the hand, but more importantly it feels great as a camera to use, with extremely quick focusing and shutter response it’s very easy to get candid street shots.“. It gets “Recommended” by the reviewer.
Another Fuji X10 review at Outbackphoto (Click here).
Fuji X10 takes to the Streets (Invisible Photographer).

And here are some direct Fuji X10 links to check price and availability: [shopcountry 100018].

Leica announces coming surprises for 2012. Is one of them the Fuji partnership?

The Leica Camera Blog reports that Leica will announce some new “surprise product” in 2012. And we are not talking about the pre announced mirrorless system only. Dr. Kaufmann “told us that they haven’t been discussed or discovered by Leica Rumors or the Leica Forum until now.“.

After reading that I checked back some strange rumors from unknown sources. They might be false but it’s the only rumor I got that haven’t been posted by anyone. The rumor says that Leica could use Fuji organic sensors for their next cameras (including the M10). I repeat, the rumor is from unknown sources but what’s true is that Leica will no more rely on Kodak sensors. And Fuji organic sensor technology looks very promising….