SLRmagic announces a superfast Hyperprime 50mm M-mount lens!

Even in these days of holiday I cannot rest :) SLRmagic just announced a superfast 50mm M-mount lens that aims to compete against the super expensive Leica Noctilux lens (which costs over $10.000 at Bhphoto).

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NEW: THE SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95
SLR Magic expands its M mount lineup with a new normal focal length lens

Hong Kong, China (January 1, 2012)  – SLR Magic opens up the M mount lens lineup with the new SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 ultra fast normal focal length lens. The world’s fastest interchangeable camera lens with an image circle beyond full frame coverage in its focal length, the SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 concept lens will be publicly available for experience testing in September 2012 at Photokina in Cologne, Germany.

The field of view of this new HyperPrime Lens corresponds to a 50mm lens in 35mm format. It is optimized to be shot wide open. This ultra fast normal focal length prime lens opens up many new creative composition opportunities, particularly in the fields of available light, in portrait, and street cinematography. Built with modern non aspherical lens technology, the lens excels at defocusing busy backgrounds at T0.95. A minimum focus distance of 0.70m allows for artistic bokeh effect. A fast maximum aperture of T0.95 makes the SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 ideal for available-light photography.

Our highest priority in the development of all HyperPrime lenses is to fulfill the demands of professional cinematographers and photographers. The design and build of the SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 is solid and reliable.

The SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95, a concept lens, will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers by the end of September 2012.

Technical Data
SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95
Lens Type: Fast normal lens with seven Tantalum glass elements to  ensure superior cinematic performance.
Compatible Cameras: All RangeFinder M mount, LM mount for cinematography,  E-mount, and micro four thirds cameras
Optical Design: 12 elements in 7 groups
Distance range:  0.70m to ∞, combined scale meter/feet
Aperture:  Manually controlled diaphragm, 12 aperture blades (circular), Lowest value 16
Bayonet:  M-mount, E-mount, micro four thirds
Filter Mount: 62mm; filter mount does not rotate.
Surface Finish: Black anodized
Length to bayonet mount: approx. 95mm (approx. 3.74in) without hood approx. 110mm (approx. 4.33in) with retractable hood
Largest diameter: approx. 73mm (approx. 2.87in)
Weight: approx. 975g (approx. 34.39oz)

Andrew Chan
Product Manager

The Fuji X PRO 1 is coming. Costs around 1.500 Euro (body only)!

Response Photo interviewed MR. Franck Portelance from Fuji France. The interview itself doesn’t unveil anything about the upcoming new Fuji interchangeable lens system. But it’s quite “curious” to notice how the same Interviewer added some info about the new system inside the same article. Basically he says that he heard from his “source” that the new Fuji camera will be named “Fuji X Pro 1”. It will be announced in February and the body only will cost 1.500 Euro. The camera willf eature the new organic sensor. Doens’t sound like it’s a pure guess ;)

P.S: The Fuji X100 costs around 1.000 Euro (Check here at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay). So what do you think about the rumored X1 price?


A rumor about the Samsung EX1 successor….

I got a news form a trusted source about the upcoming new EX1 successor:
Samsung will announce the EX1 substitute at CES on January. The new sensor is a CMOS 2/3″ 12MPx BSI. The body is very similar to EX1 but with an on-body EVF, the same on NX-10, it makes the camera a little taller than EX-1. The zoom is a 24-75mm with mechanical ring control and optional 21mm setting as WB210.The lens has an additional ring with Ifunction like on NX lenses for camera control and manual focus. It keep the swivel amoled screen.

Sounds like a terrific nice compact camera!

Mirrorless news roundup…

Samsung NX200 review at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here): “Samsung has produced a camera with image quality, performance, and control to rival nearly any camera in its segment of the market.”

Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm, 10-30mm, and 10-100mm Lenses Ronmartblog (Click here).

Nikon J1 Field Test Gallery Outbackphoto (Click here).

Nikon V1 review at Cameralabs (Click here): “Overall if you only take one thing away from this review it’s that the Nikon 1 system really is something special even with these first models. Don’t get bogged-down by the sensor size and instead revel in the speed. It’s the fastest mirror-less ILC to date and if this suits your subject you’ll love it.

Fuji X10 analysis at Quesabesde (Click here).


Samsung will introduce on sensor image stabilization on future NX cameras?

A source just sent me a surprising rumor. Samsung won’t make OIS lenses anymore!
According to the source Samsung has a little concerns about optical problems and final lenses size. Samsung will get back to an improved AntiShake system sensor-based used on Pentax/Samsung DSLR. The patent of that system is a share property between them.

I certainly hope the rumor turns out to be true! All lenses (including third party lenses used via adapter) will be stabilized and the size of NX lenses can be a bit smaller. At the time of writing Olympus only offers mirrorless cameras with built-in sensor stabilization.