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Olympus will launch a new line of f/1.2 lenses at CP+

The patent image above shows Olympus f/1.0 prime lens designs.

So far only Panasonic released a faster than f/1.4 MFT prime lens (the Nocticron 42,5mm f/1.2). After that we got no other super fast (autofocus!) lens. There where some f/1.2 patents from Sigma, f/1.0 from Olympus and another f/1.2 patent from Panasonic. But what’s coming for real?

Well Olympus sources confirmed a new line of fast f/1.2 prime lenses will be announced at CP+. The new f/1.2 prime roadmap will show 2-3 prime lenses with different release times.

Reminder: The 300mm PRO f/4.0 Olympus lens will be announced on January 6.

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