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Nikon also denies they will buy NX system (no word on possible tech partnership)

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Both Nikon Europe (Quesabesde) and Samsung denied the rumors we heard that Nikon will acquire NX tech. Actually both companies denied a complete buy out of the NX system from Samsung to Nikon. They did not deny any possible partnership. And I am surprised to see both companies answering to a rumor. Wondering why…

In summary:
We wrote in our rumor that “Nikon acquires Samsung NX tech” and that “Nikon will launch a new professional mirrorless system based on Samsung’s acquired technology.” This means the right to use Samsung sensor, processor, autofocus algorithm, video tech and so on. As I always said this doesn’t mean Nikon will join NX mount, or that Samsung will lose any right on NX mount. But I understand readers doubt about such a possible partnership after reading Nikon and Samsung’s statements. After all you only have a “rumor” on that small site and I sadly cannot disclose the source of the rumor or any facts. The day Nikon will announce their new professional mirrorless system you will know if the rumors we posted here were right or not.



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