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New Ricoh GXR firmware (ver. 1.18)

The new firmware is available here


Version 1.18 (2010. 07. 15)

No. Model applied Details
A12 S10 P10
Modified the following phenomena.
1 applied applied applied In case of attaching the cable switch (CA-1), when half-pressing the shutter release button of the CA-1, it may turn off the camera.
2 applied Macro AF Distance Limit option (On) may be disabled (Off) in some conditions like; replacing a camera unit from the A12 to the other one.
3 applied Even if a shutter speed is changed, the aperture value will not vary in case of the conditions below; S mode, AE locked.
4 applied Noise sound may be recorded into movies when the electrical viewfinder (VF-2) is attached.
Revised or corrected the following.
5 applied applied applied Revised the ISO sensitivity range conditions when shooting with the combination below; S mode, Shutter speed Auto Shift On, and ISO Auto/ISO Auto-Hi.
6 applied Corrected the display of focus distance as 19mm when the conversion lens (DW-6) is attached.
7 applied Revised the upper limit of the ISO sensitivity range as ISO 3200 when shooting in S mode.
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