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New Fuji X PRO 1: More lenses and M-mount adapter coming later this year. Announcement on Monday 9pm London time?

MiTaka (dpreview forum user) unveiled some more details about the upcoming Fuji mirrorless system:

1) RGB pixels in 6*6 random pixel sets
2) More lenses and M-mount to X adapter are coming within 2012.
3) The optical viewfinder offers different magnification x0.37 for the WA, and x0.6 for the other two lenses. The magnification ratio is also user selectable for using third party lenses.
4) The camera comes with some new film modes + multiple exposure features.
5) Accessories will include leather case, new flash, grip.
6) Every lens will come with hood, also fuji will offer protective filters.

It’s important to underline that there is no word yet about the fact that Fuji will use the new organic sensor technology. They keep talking about the randomly positioned Pixels and not about the used material. And the new M-mount adapter will allow current [shoplink 100116 ebay]Leica lens[/shoplink] owners to buy a cheap alike camera that will probaby beat the M9 image quality (if the Fuji marketing guys are telling us the truth about the new sensor being better than any current FF sensor).

A new source also sent me the following info: “Fuji mirrorless camera will be announced at 9pm GMT on Monday… it looks amazing, looks like it will be a big hit with many people!” (Thanks for sending me this!)

You can follow the announcement live here on MirrorlessRumors. I will update you with all the news, revies and tests I can found on the web. So buy your Popcorns and be online here at 4pm NYC time, 9pm London time or 10pm Berlin time or 6am Tokyo time!

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