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Hot: Canon talks about his mirrorless future! (Will not go the same way of Nikon?) (Click here to read the translation) interviewed MR. Tian Rong Jin, Managing Director Canon Image Communication Business Division. He unveiled a couple of interesting things about their mirrorless plan. I don’t speak japanese and the google translation tool is not really 100% reliable. I ask my japanese readers to check if everything I understood is correct:

1) Canon will release a mirrorless system within 2012

2) First comes the image quality and than the downsizing. There should be a perception that the new mirrorless camera is a clear step towards from a classic compact camera. That statement clearly goes against Nikon’s decision to offer a mirrorless system camera with a smaller than m43 sensor (Click here to see the nIkon 1 system).

3) The lenses for the new mirrorless system need to be small.

It’s quite a surprise to see Canon talk that openly about mirrorless. And there is definitely a reason why they are now talking about it. I guess they want to warn the market by saying: “Hey don’t buy Sony, m43 or Fuji…wait for us!“. TO me it sounds like they will launch a new APS-C mirrorless system with a bunch of nice compact lenses. Photokina could be the right place for that.

One thing is sure: 2012 will be the year of mirrorless cameras. And I am here to give you every small bits of news and rumors I can get! Starting from the next post when I will talk about the exact Fuji X Pro 1 launch date and hour ;)

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