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May MapCamera Japanese sales report: The Sony A7III is the most sold camera! posted the camera sales rankings for May (Japanese Mapcamera store).

  1. Sony A7III
  2. Fuji X100F
  3. Fuji XT2
  4. Nikon D850
  5. Nikon D500
  6. Sony A7rIII
  7. Canon Eos KIss
  8. Panasonic G9
  9. Fuji XH1
  10. E-M5II

Only three cameras are DSLR in this ranking!

UPDATE: A Canon news site cited the BCNranking results to sell me cheap. So let me explain to him the difference between BCN and Mpacamera data:

1) He of course missed to report BCN does count units sales(!) and not the sales volume (cheaper cameras do sell in more units obviously). A Canon SL2 cost a fourth of the A7III. So when Canon sells two SL2 and Sony 1 A7III the Canon tops Sony in terms of units but the Sony tops Canon in terms of sales volume.

2) He also missed to report BCNranking does not take into account preorders but just shipped items. While MapCamera counts ALL ordersĀ  (including the once that still have to be shipped). Note that the A7III currently has a 3-5 weeks shipment time which obviously means BCNranking is NOT taking into their units account.

3) This is unconfirmed: But a comment on Digicameinfo said that BCNranking doesn’t take into account some stores like for example the Sony Japanese online store. BCN collects around half of the Japanese stores data and the suspect is big that it’s heavyweight towards Canon. But like I said this is not confirmed and may or may not be true.

UPDATE 2: Again that news site misrepresented the facts:

1) The new site now claims the EOS-M50 is not a fourth of the price of the A7III. WOW, and who said that? I said the SL2 (leading the BCN ranking!) is a fourth of the price. So please dear Canon site, stick to what I wrote (SL2) and not EOS-M50.

2) BCNranking is obviously more important than Mapacamera. Never side otherwise. What I said is that they count units and not volume. Moreover it could (repeat could) be heavyweight towards Sony. But this is a speculation based on comments from Japanese Digicameinfo readers.

3) A7III moved up because it IS shipping! But not in the quantity it could ship out because of high demand not met by production.

4) Yes I edited my post to be more clear (which I should have been from the beginning). I mentioned “” storeĀ  as the source for this. But it’s fair to say this wasn’t entirely clear from the start and that’s why I edited. My mistake. Fixed :)

5) Don’t let us become trolls, I like your Canon site. Just wanted to clear some points and got a bit made reading your post because I felt it wasn’t right. My fault :)

If that site claims to be such an expert he should have mentioned these important differences right?

via Digicameinfo.

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