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Kodak said to Weigh Bankruptcy! What will happen with Leica?

Image on top: The Leica M9 uses a 18 Megapixel Kodak sensor.

According to Bloomberg Kodak is “weighing options including a bankruptcy filing because of concerns raised by possible buyers of its patent portfolio, said three people with direct knowledge of the process.

If you read the full article you get (a pretty scaring) idea of what is going on with Kodak. If Kodak quits the digital camera business (and sensor business) than many medium format manufacturers and of course Leica will have to look for new sensor partners.

Months ago there were soem rumors saying that Leica is ready to use Sony sensors for their future mirrorless cameras. But who will make the sensor for the S-system? That’s another big question that needs to be answered if Kodak quits the sesnor business.

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