HUUUUGE SURPRISE! X-mirrorless system with large sensor (larger than fullframe???)

What a huge surprise! Fuji announced the launch of a new X-mirrorless system with a sensor that will have a “resolution and low noise that will surpass the 35mm full size sensor“. It will be a new interchangeable system! Fuji promise to show a mockup and specs of the system for the CES show in January 2012. The system itself will be on market by Spring 2012!!!

In contemporary Fuji announce the X-S1 mirrorless camera which looks exactly like a DSLR but has an EVF instead of OVF.

One more deal news: The Fuji X100 is in Stock at Amazon for the normal price (Click here)!

  • Julien M.

    Holy crap!

  • Fants

    Well how much more massive a disappointment can there be? They follow up the beautiful X100 with a mirrorless camera that looks like, and is as big as, an SLR? This thing will NEED a big sensor in order to make up for the let-down.

    • Ageha

      lol I think you need glasses. There is no picture of the new mirrorless camera!

  • Julien M.

    I can read japanese, and from what’s written in the picture here, the top branch is the “X Mirrorless”, the middle branch is the X-S1. I’d bet the X-S1 isn’t mirrorless, but an SLR.

  • Jorge

    I understand the same… from the picture (actually I cannot read Japanase :-) )

    So the X-S1 could be a kind of GH2 but with an APS-C sensor. For me it makes sense, in order to save space, now that contrast AF is so fast and EVF so good, and Canon and Nikon should have done it by now, but they are soooo sure about their systems. However, I don’t expect that they will develop lenses only for one body, so it may be a fix zoom (like the X10). And then you have a step larger sensor with interchangeble lenses, the X system.

    For me mirrorless is the future even for larger sensors (provided they manage to take advantage of the space reduction). Imagine that the X system squeezes the quality of a full frame in the body of an APS-C (and still cheaper than a Leica M9). This is competition to Sony’s SLT and the other DSLR’s.

  • Steve

    The X-S1 is a 26x zoom bridge camera based on the 2/3″ X10 sensor. Fuji announce this X-S1 camera AND their new direction for interchangeable mirrorless system based on a much larger sensor. These are two different animals.

    • Miserere

      Are you sure about that, Steve? What are your sources?

      • Steve

        Just do a google translate of the above link. Also, the focal length on the zoom in the image says 6.1-158mm which translates to 24-620mm with the 2/3″ sensor. The article also mentions 26x zoom with 2/3″ sensor. All the information I posted is there for reading.

  • totalreader

    too many promises…
    -sigma sd1
    -sony a77
    -future fuji
    reality is …just Bells And Whistles and HUGE prices :(

  • Chad

    Steve is correct. People are confusing the 2/3″ sensor X-S1 camera with this new interchangeable system that Fuji will show us in 2012.

    • WT21

      So, they will announce in Spring 2012, and then, what, release in late 2012?

  • FMJ

    so the X-S1 will kill their HS20 line? which has a smaller sensor?

    check for the photo, it doesn’t look as big compare to the picture above

    • Steve

      The X-S1 will still be larger and more expensive than the HS20EXR. They could still coexist.

  • John

    I think this is great news, if only it puts pressure on the current full frame companies (Nikon, Canon, Leica) to up their game. They’re all lazy because they don’t have much competition. A mirrorless larger-than-fullframe sensor should wake them all up!

  • Jessy Plames

    I can read Japanese too, and this “larger than full frame sensor” is a completely wrong story title. They are only saying the performance for noise is better than current full frame cameras. They can easily achieve this with an APC sensor as the X100 had incredibley clean high iso. I owned both the Nikon D700 and X100 and in terms of noise the X100 is very close. A next generation Fuji APC sensor should be able to improve on that.

    Use some common sense. Fuji is already making compact sensors, the new 2/3 sensor (X10, XS-1), and APC (X100). Can such a small company struggling to keep up with X100 demand really introduce a fourth sensor size to their production?

    That said, yes, I wish Fuji can perform a miracle and introduce a full frame camera that is somewhat compact and styled like the X100/X10. That would be the white wales of camera for me as I have confidence Fuji can deliver results that would rival Leica but at a much smaller cost.

  • Ritz

    The Minolta d7 and A-series and the Olympus E-10 had a very early 2/3 sensor. The size is half-way between the Canon G-12 and the Nikon 1 but with EXR sites.

  • Ritz

    Actually a little larger than 1/1.6 in the F200exr which is 8×6 vs 1/1.7″ (7.49 x 5.52 mm) in the S95/G12
    vs 8.8×6.6mm. in the 2/3 in the Konica Minolta A2.
    The Nikon 1 is 13.2x 8.8mm and so is the largest.
    I just looked in the Dpreview camera database.

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