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A full video overview of the “boring” NAB show

Yi Halo 360 camera

This year NAB show made the impossible possible. It was even more boring the last years show :)

Anyway, let’s have a look of some minor (and still interesting) stuff:

YI 4K+ 4K 60fps camera (Personal View)
Power Vision Submarine and Egg Drones, NAB 2017 (Personal View).
SLR Magic Anamorphic Lens Rig, NAB 2017 (Personal View).
Lanparte Gimbal for 360 cameras, NAB 2017 (Personal View).
Nick Driftwood’s 12k 360 Rig using 6x Lumix GX80 cameras (Photogearnews)
Lanparte monitor QR and arm Personal View
NAB 2017 Highlights (ALC).

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