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Cool marketing move: Fuji and Sigma managers meet to discuss the future

Fujirumors translated some interesting parts of this Japanese talk session:

Increase Resolution

  • increasing resolution is easy if you don’t care about cost, size and weight

Spatial frequency of MTF different between Sigma and Fujifilm

  • Sigma … 10pcs/mm 30pcs/mm
  • Fujifilm … 15pcs/mm 45pcs/mm

In the MTF of the APS-C lens, the sigma is measured at 30 bottles/mm, which is the same as the full-size lens, and Fujifilm measures 15/mm 45/mm. Mr. Ueno said, “Fujifilm raises the hurdles and puts out MFT at 15 and 45, so I think Fujifilm is the cause of being said to be bad MTF.” On the other hand, Sigma said, “I have an image that 10 and 30 are the world’s standards, so I’m taking over it.”

Lenses that Fujifilm manager Ueno would like to see from Sigma for X mount

Anamorphic lenses

  • Sigma has received requests to make anamorphic lenses
  • “There are many disadvantages of anamorphic lenses, ghosts come out, distortion is big, blur becomes egg-shaped.” Is anamofic still good? It’s a bad resolution, isn’t it? But they say that this is beautiful… There was that struggle… It’s beautiful when you watch a lot of movies shot with Anamofic…Certainly!” He says.

Sigma wants to increase the number of X lenses.

  • Finally, Mr. Ozone from Sigma said, “I want to increase the number of X-mount lenses,” and he sends a message to X users that he wants to enjoy comparing Sigma X lenses and Fujifilm X lenses.
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