Fuji patent discloses a new three layer sensor (Foveon style)

Fuji is very likely to launch a mirrorless system camera in 2012. And it’s also on of the few players (Unlike Olympus, Pentax or Nikon for example) that is producing their own sensors. So you might be interested to see what they are working on. The japanese blog Egami found a new patent (filed in 2009.9.29 and published 2011.4.14) that discloses a new three layer technology very similar to the current Foveon sensors from Sigma. As you probably know the single RGB pixels are arranged vertically one below another. Theoretically the advantages are:

1) no color artifacts
2) More of the photons entering the camera will be detected (larger pixels compared to Bayer sensor)
3) No need for demosaicing and the separate anti-aliasing filter commonly used to reduce the occurrence or severity of color moiré patterns. As a result we have a higher resolution.

Anyway keep in mind. There is a long way to go before a patent gets used inside real products!

New Fuji X100 firmware coming soon? + new reviews roundup

A black X100 rendering made by ThePhoBlographer.

A dpreview forum user who had focusing issues with the new X100 received the following text from Fuji UK: “Sorry for the delay. We have just had confirmation that our office in Japan have been made aware of this as an issue and are looking into it as a matter of urgency. The problem which you describe should be fixable by simply upgrading the firmware. I have been informed that a new firmware version will be released late next week (please keep an eye on our website) which should resolve the problem which you are experiencing.”

You can get the Fuji X100 on [shoplink 100018 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. But watch out the high price!

There is a list of new reviews:
The rolling review by Sean Reid.

A readers showcas on Flickr.

New Samsung NX20 and NX200 in July with 18 megapixel sensor???

An anonymous source just sent us the following info. We received similar hints form other sources too that’s why we are going to post it here.
According to the source the NX200 and NX20 will be announced in July. Both camera will be in Stock in September. They will share the same new 18 Megapixel sensor that supports 1080p video recording. Samsung will announce the new 2012 lens roadmap in September. There should be a total of 5 new lenses in 2012.
One more thing: Both, the NX20 and NX200 will have a complete new design!

Links to the current Samsung cameras:
NX10 at .
NX100 at .

Samsung Russia says the NX20 and NX200 with more Megapixel will be announced within 2011

In a Question and Answer session at forum.ixbt a russian Samsung representative said that:
1. New NX cameras will be announced close to summer and will be on sale on the second part of year.
2. There will be no more new GX system cameras.
3. New NX cameras will have more MP than NX10/11/100.
4. Weather-proof NX is not planned

Samsung is currently offering three NX cameras:
The most popular NX camera is the NX100 .
The first NX camera was the NX10 at .
and than the slightly modified NX11 at .

Fuji will announce a mirrorless X300 in summer 2012?

[shoplink 100018 ebay][/shoplink]

Bob Todrick, a pro photographer from Edmonton, Alberta wrote (Source: Dpreview Forum): “Have had my [shoplink 100018 ebay]X100[/shoplink] for a week now … puts any of the 4/3 compacts out their to shame. Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeable lenses.

Bob also said that “I’m in the pro photo supply biz…this is from Fuji. They have decided to pursue what they call the serious prosumer market. The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplified ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeable lens version sometime next year.

In the past Fuji already said that they are “very interested” in making an interchangeable lens system.

The Fuji X100 is now available on [shoplink 100018 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

Nikon says mirrorlress is taking away market from compact cameras, not from DSLR’s.

Image on top: The rangefinder camera.

Amateur Photographer (Click here) got another interesting statement from Nikon. Simo Iddon (Product Manager og Nikon UK) said that: “The success of compact system camera sales is taking away from the compact camera market, not from digital SLRs” because “if you want a DSLR you want what a DSLR stands for’ and that isn’t a compact system camera.

That statement backups the rumors saying that Nikon will announce a small sensor size Nikon Coolpix Pro mirrorless system. The sensor could have a 2.5crop factor making it smaller than the Micro Four Thirds sensor.