Canon EOS-M now officially announced! Already with preorders!

The new EOS-M comes in Silver too!

This page will be continually updated. Reload from time to time!

Preorders and specs:
Full presentation page on Amazon (Click here).
EOS-M Black at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
EOS-M White at BHphoto (Click here).
EOS-M 22mm pancake at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
EOS-M 15-55mm kit lens at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
EOS-M adapter at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
EOS-M Flash at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

Previews and Reviews:
Preview at Dpreview. Preview at Techradar. Spanish hands-on at DSLRmagazine. Preview at Imaging Resource. Image and Video samples at Canon (part one and part two). Hands-on at CNET Asia.

Press release:
The lenses at Dpreview. Press at Imaging Resource. Press at Photographyblog. French press at Lemondedelaphoto. Press at Engadget. Press at TheVerge. German press at Photoscala. French press at Focus Numerique. Press at Digitalcamerareview. Japanese press at Itmedia. Press at ePhotozine.

Italian presentation on youtube.

Take some time to read the incoming reviews and see the image samples. After that let us know:

  • Pedro

    At $800 this thing is DOA!

    • Nico Foto

      Canon has been “upgrading” their prices lately…so the $ tag doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • 224

      DOA… yes that´s why it´s preorderd like mad already.. lol.. you clown.

  • TTT

    Too bulk, too havy, no tilt scree, high prise and weak battery (230 CIPA)…

    Lenses looks good.

  • Will

    Why am I not able to vote? Also the $800 price tag doesn’t seem all that bad considering it actually comes with a usable prime and not like the nex system with not a single useful lens on the lineup past the 50mm.

    The camera they did announce though is pretty damn boring though. It’s basically a GF3 which I can get for $300. 2 starting lenses is pretty poor also. I think Im gonna grab a rx100 for my pocket cam and get whatever entry level full frame that nikon has cooking next month.

    • Dan

      How is that not like the NEX?
      Nex has, according to you, one usable lens. Canon has one usable lens. (Although according to dpreview the 22mm is quite slow focusing.)
      The general lens size is the same and body size is similar.

  • atekant

    Conspiracy theory if the day: All the old school camera makers, Nikon, Pentax, and now Canon are bringing out these overpriced, underachieving toy cameras with no viewfinders as “mirrorless cameras” that make no aspirations to be used by serious photographers; saturating the mirrorless market to give it a stigma so they never become a threat to their DSLR business.


    • GreyOwl


    • bananacam

      Don’t think so, if Canon wanted to oversaturate the mirrorless camera market with crap they would have released a Nikon V/J1 clone.
      This looks like a capable camera, ready to canabalize the Rebels and low end DSLR from other manufacturers.
      BTW, a camera doesn’t require a viewfinder to be great ;)

    • bill

      +1000… they are only doing a WANNABEE POLICIY: they dont want to cannibalize their dslr business.. so they offer a pseudo mirrorless cam (system???), that does not touch the real market needs: like Nikon only adressed amateurs, Canon avoids to adress serios photogs..

      what can be better fpr Oly and Pana: thx a lot to the former big player for suppotring the mFT producers (indirectly)..

      • 224

        kid this is the consumer model….

        what has the lowest pen model to offer?

        this is a aps-c mirrorless SYSTEM.. that will see great camers in the future.
        not some tiny sensor m43 crap…..

    • Mike

      Spot-on observation.

  • hugo

    I bet my 49mm filter size SEL24F18Z that all the future EF-M lenses released by Canon will all have different filter sizes !

    two lenses and already two filter sizes.

  • Pablo

    YUCK! looks totally crappy to me.

  • kylberg

    Obviously a solid, well made and well thought through camera. – Contrary to what some above writes. Read the previews!
    Interesting with a smartphone-like touchscreen implementation. This is the kind of UI that is what people want. (Everybody loves their smartphone).
    Canon entry will boost the mirrorless market more than Nikon V did. m43 has tough times ahead. The Oly E-M5 , GH2/3 are great. Some lenses are great. But below that level, APS-C size sensors seems a better, more cost-efficient alternative. (more IQ per $)
    I am an “enthusiast” that owns a DSLR and a m43 system. Using the lightweight alternative is mostly p&s situations and being more simple is a plus. The IQ must be very good.
    Still, the Sony RX100 is truly pocketable and may be the ideal “always with me” camera. Expensive but cheaper than the Canon M :-)
    Is the D800 + RX100 all I need, or shuold I have something in between? The RX100 is sqeezing m43 from below and CanSony from above.

    • Nico Foto

      The problem seems to be the AF performance of the camera. Imaging Resource says it louder and clearer than any of the other previews:

      “As I’ve mentioned, the Canon EOS M feels great to hold and use, with a great feel, good heft, and a fast interface, working just like the T4i. In fact, as we were briefed about the EOS M, “just like the T4i” was repeated often. Unfortunately, they also said that about the EOS M’s Hybrid Autofocus system, introduced just a few months ago on the T4i.”

      “But the sad truth is that the T4i’s Live View mode autofocus is terribly slow. Both the T4i and EOS M have a new sensor with phase-detect sites embedded near the center, as well as contrast-detection autofocus. But the Live View autofocus speed is very slow on the T4i with the 40mm STM lens, averaging more than 1.2 seconds to autofocus in single-point mode, and more than 1.7 seconds in multi-point AF mode. That’s just unworkable in a modern mirrorless camera.”

      “I only saw a prototype EOS M, but it seemed to perform just as the T4i did with the same lenses. I used the EF-EOS M adapter trying the 40mm STM lens, and it focused about as fast as the 22mm STM kit lens.”

      This is E-P1 performance (3 years old!) for christs sake. Even my x100 is snappier than that, lol. Come on Canon, you can do better than that!

      • napalm

        oh c’mon… I own an E-P1 and it doesnt focus slower than 1 second hehehe

        this might be one of the slowest AF i’ve seen on a mirrorless…

  • Mr.Tritium

    Am I the only one here who think the EOS-M with 22/2 is an absolute dream?
    A compact mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor and a fast 35mm eq. lens is what I’ve been waiting for. Sony didn’t want to make the lens, and Samsung NX have subpar sensors.
    Yes I know, “The Fuji X100 is what you want”. But it costs 1000$^and doesn’t allow you to change the lens.

    • admin

      It’s a super nice lens!!!

      • Tim

        “From our first impressions the 18-55mm focuses pretty quickly, but the 22mm is distinctly slower – not surprising given that the entire optical unit racks back and forth for focusing.”/Dpreview

    • Gabriel

      Camera is a dream, price a nightmare ;) I hope the lense is very good and screen visible in plain sun. And for street you have the Samsung nx line of camera and pancake, but it’s almost available nowhere ;)

    • Nico Foto

      I’m with you. The camera concept is a dream. APS-C sensor, 35mm eqivalent fast pancake prime to boot. Intuitive operation and menu system – no nonsense. Small, elegant, contemporary design. Its the GF1 successor with Canon EOS badge. Problem is, the AF performance seems to be from last century. Which is dissappointing, given the fact that Canon had years to see the market evolve and tweak their designs to come up with a competitive alternative. Maybe they are able to improve on that before the units hit the shelves…I’m not holding my breath on that though…

      • 224

        the e-p1 had a very slow AF…. eveyrone knew that.

        i knew it back then… still many bought it…. i bought it.

  • Nico Foto

    ADMIN: i cant seem to be able to vote on any polls on this site now :(

    • admin

      Yes I know. I am wroking on a fix!

      • Nico Foto

        Seems to be fixed now.

  • 224

    your poll should list “im waiting for the pro modell” !!!

    this model is not aimed at visitors of this website.

    it´s a soccer mom camera.

    • Pedro

      An $800 soccer mom who is happy to budget $1,100 to get a camera with a basic zoom function.
      I think that’s an insult to intelligence of soccer moms everywhere!

      • 224

        well you can close your eyes before reality…but that is how it is.
        this camera will sell like sliced bread to average joe customers!!

  • Tim

    P&S upgraders don’t get the “prime” lens concept… probably never heard of a “prime” lens. But the simiplicity of the design of this camera (i.e., no bells and whistles) clearly is targeting the upgraders… this is definately not Canon’s “enthusiast” version.

    I agree if this camera is pushed with the pancake vs. the zoom it is quite a schyzophrenic offer to put in market.

    • 224

      the pro model will grab a big part of the mirrorless market.

      after all it´s canon. every canon DSLR shooter i know would love to have this new canon mirrorless system. even with a price premium.

      the aps-c sensor is a great selling point.

      i can hear the clerks already…

      “… and here we have the canon EOS-M. it has a bigger sensor then the m43 camera i just showed you…. and it´s a CANON.”

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