Mirrorless news roundup (with a new full frame mirrorless rendering)


A full frame Mirrorless concpet by Vladimir Markov (Click here to see more renderings).

The Wall Street Journal (Click here) wrote an interesting article about the mirrorless camera future.

A new colored case for your Canon G1X at DC.watch (Click here).

Sony NEX FS100 as a DSLR alternative – first impressions (EosHD)

Canon G1X video review at Photographyreview (Click here).

Canon G1X review at Neilvan (Click here).

X PRO 1 versus NEX-7 versus E-M5 at ThePhoBlographer (Click here).

Nikon 1 with free 16GB SDHC Class 6 Memory Card at Abes of Maine (Click here).

  • kibare

    Interesting concept. The leds is an interesting take on dials.
    Wondering where about that “integrated flash”, where is it?

  • Jean-Michel

    About CargoCollective : Very interesting concept. Sometimes, we feel like camera conceptors don’t make photos, as dish washmachine conceptors never wach any dish… then good to see some real-world users’ concepts…:)

  • alex-virt

    Interesting concept, I like the brutal “armoured train” design. The controls seem good, but it would be very awkward to change modes when the camera is mounted on a tripod vertically. What is the point of detachable screen? Will it be connected wirelessly? And, of course, this thing would be pretty expensive. Still a good design work :)

  • Gekopaca

    It’s very bad show us a so marvellous piece, while the japanese firms are producing awful pieces of plastic.

  • robbie

    Cargo is a publishing platform; the design should be credited to Vladimir Markov.

  • want it

    Very good looking proto and clever led dials.. why this has not been seen in any camera before?

    • robbie

      Round displays are notoriously expensive.

      • want it

        The actual display does not have to be round.. square display could be framed with the dial.

        • robbie

          Indeed, but then you couldn’t have the display flush to the edge as is in the renderings.

          • want it

            circular portion of the display can be coated to make it to the same level as a dial :)

  • yukonchris

    Wow! Wonderful concept. Smart analogue controls keeping everything easily accessible but not crammed in on a compact body, and full-frame to boot. This looks like an example of form following function – excellent! Olympus, take note. You should hire this guy and build it!

  • MP Burke

    The Snima Iris concept doesn’t look plausible. It is described as having an 18mm flange back distance, which is far shorter than any existing 35mm mirrorless camera. The consequence of such a short distance would be that lenses, such as the 50mm shown, would have to be much longer, like a Leica M mount 50mm lens with a 10mm extension tube on the end. More realistic designs would probably use a flange back distance of about 25-26mm, which allows Leica rangefinder lenses to be used via adaptors, without constraining the design unnecessarily.

  • Pei

    Very very well done. Seems to be an extension of NEX-7’s design. If SONY would take this and make it production friendly, it would be a great camera. In fact, NEX-7’s design is already the cutting edge of mirrorless design I won’t object of NEX-9 have the same appearance but with FF.

  • Bob B.

    I really like the design…I have seen it several times before around the web……..put a Fuji-Quality Sensor in that body and offer fast, high-quality primes from fisheye to 400mm (equivalent) and I would sell all of my MFT gear and buy in!

  • awreer

    The ThePhoBlographer review is by far the most hilarious review I’ve read.

    Basically these are my favorites:

    – XPro1 wins for ergnomics! lol!!!
    – and…OMD is not the best in video because more people use Sony NEX7 fort that. Puahahah…..this one is by far the funniest!!!