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Blackmagic: A mirrorless camcorder with Canon EOS mount.

I like surprises and there was one at the recent NABshow. It is the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. A mirrorless camera with native Canon EOS mount. For $2995 only you get a 2.5K sensor with RAW video recording(!!!) and 13 stops of dynamic range! And unlike the RED expensive cameras you don’t have to purchase expensive modules to make it work. it already has a huge LCD touchscreen and all necessary outputs. Plus it takes removable SSD drives (no proprietary cards like Panasonic P2 cards!).

I like when new companies launch revolutionary products when older conservative companies just try to bring as less innovation as possible to protect their market. As a filmmaker I cant wait to see the first camera tests!

Meantime you can preorder the Blackmagic camera at BHphoto (Click here).

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