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Next bad news for film camera users: Double digit price increase on all Fuji films!

We already had that bad news from Kodak (no more slide films) and now there is the next one. Fuji will increase the price of all photographic films starting from May! it will be a double digit increase. Ok, better that news than the Kodak but I am wondering if soon the time will come where even Fuji will have to quit the photographic film business. Hope this will not happen!

Price of Fuji films on , Amazon (Click here) or Bhphoto (Click here).

via FujiRumors.

  • Jake

    The only thing that will save film is purchase of it. I still shoot film and will always shoot it while it is available and/or I’m still alive- whichever comes first.

  • Brad H.

    I would bet that Fuji will more or less continue producing the bulk of their consumer film line for the rest of this decade. The Japanese tend to work out a way to extend the life of seemingly outmoded or finicky technologies. MiniDisc, Mazda rotary engines, Gocco printing system and the Codd bottle are to name but a few and a Fuji example would be the continuing production of Single 8 film (they slash their peel-apart instant film line but keep Single 8 production?!?).

  • Sergio

    Well, we don’t shoot film for the economics of it these days. And I suspect if most people are like me who shoot both film and digital that averaging a couple rolls a week would be a lot of film shooting.

  • Mike

    It’s not surprising that the giants of film are struggling with the medium, after all, not all that long ago they were supplying the world with film, not just enthusiasts, just keeping the plants running must cost a fortune. I wonder how long, or indeed if we’ll see smaller new manufacturers creating lower volume runs of colour film that replicate the ones that Kodak are begninning to drop, and in time, Fuji too? I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising emulsion and chemistry experts that must have been let go from the bigger companies have designs on getting something up and running on a more manageable scale.
    Eve increasing costs means I’ll probably be selling my beloved 5×4 camera, I just can’t justify the expense when it’s not for commercial work – but I’d shed a tear for sure if Provia or Kodak’s Ektar vanished.

  • Sina

    We have to realize that in Japan, the film culture is a whole other world.
    A lot of Japanese still shoot film all the time alongside their digital captures.

    Also, instant film is a big big business in Asia. So, Fuji will probably continue to produce them, but they will adjust the cost due to inflation, YEN rising and such. It is just business.

    Meanwhile, I shall go stock up on some film for the freezer. :)

    • aleckurgan

      I wonder if they will also increase prices of their instant films? Not mentioned specifically in the announcement.

  • Claudio Costerni

    What “double digital” mean?

    • spam

      It’s a typo, should be “double digit”

  • EnPassant

    The big problem for companies making film emulsions in these transition times from analog film to digital is that many heavy film users that have gone digital are selling off their refrigerated film stock to mostly amateurs who still like using old cameras for film.

    This means the sale of new films will be much lower for many years than the actual number of films actually being used until the old stock of films have greatly been reduced.

    Therefore production of film must also be cut down heavily. Maybe 5-10 years from now the demand for film will increase a bit. On the other hand many of the older users of film by then have stopped taking photos while it is doubtful their place will be filled with as many new recruited film users.

    Not that I think film will completely die for a very long time. 50 years from now there will propably still be a lot of enthusists who like using old cameras just like there are people who love to renovate and drive cars that are older than themselves.

    • PhilW

      So true. At last count I still had more than 100 rolls of Kodak Verichrome Pan in a freezer. My favorite B&W film, when it was discontinued in 2002 I bought a lot of it at a deep discount.


  • Random Poster

    Fuji become a monopolist after the fall of Kodak. As a monopolist, they can charge whatever they want.

    • Pei

      Yeah, a monopoly with a 0.01% market share of consumer photography.

  • Rob. S.

    I wouldn’t call that the end of the world, or even the end of film, for that matter. Actually I find it astonishing that film has stayed moderately priced for so long even though the demand has significantly decreased.

    • Erwin

      Selling films in Germany will be forbidden this year, I don’t exactly, but I suppose, all over Europe. It started in January with Black/white films and will end in Autumn with Dia- and Negativ- Colour-Films. So, guys in the USA, don’t worry.

    • Vivek

      Rob.S., nailed it!

      Why are we not sad about the demise of glass plates?

      Oh, while we are at it let us also mourn the demise of daguerreotype.

      • Johann

        “Selling films in Germany will be forbidden this year”

        Total nonsense. Stop spreading false information.

    • Jerry J

      I agree with Rob. It’s nothing short of a miracle that film has remained “relatively” cheap for as long as it has in the face of diminishing sales year after year. The vast majority of photographers on all levels have switched from film to digital over the last decade (some started earlier than that). Film is largely just used by photographers who want to have a retro experience or by photographers who have clients who insist on film (fewer and fewer of those film diehards out there). It’s the law of supply and demand: When few people are buying a product you have to charge more in order to recover your costs. If large numbers of people started buying film again the price would eventually go down … but I don’t care since I don’t shoot film.

  • Adam G

    I might consider this a sign that Fuji wants to finally let film dieーbut it wants public demand for film to die first. Of course, this could take another decade or more to eventuate, but in Fujifilm’s eyes, at least they’re doing *something* to speed the process along.

    Pity. I was thinking about dipping my feet in the world of 8×10.

  • Johann

    So what? Less volume means higher price but if you love film this wont stop you. If your main concern is “price” then a cell phone is the top camera for you anyway.

    Personally I love to shoot black and white film. For color work digital is easier.

  • awreer

    This is sad. I’ve tried film shooting for the first time 3 weeks ago and this was the best experience I had since I started photography.

    It is not complicated like people say…it is actually much easier since you can get great pics under any artificial lights (there is not white balance to care…) and since even you hardly miss the focus you still can get a great pic!

    Film pictures are in a total different world…and are totally usable for MODERN photography.
    I’ve shoot at day with a Iso100 Roll and had no problem for shooting all day with it. I then switched for a Iso 400 roll when dusk started to appear and I could perfectly continue my shooting experience and could shoot easily.

    Most of people do not like the fact that you cannot check your pics instantly…hey…just slow down guys…and learn to wait like we use to do before…You will be rewared by great pics which you will discover after few days like you open a gift at christmas! The world goes wayyyy to fast nowodays!

    For me Film photography was so great experience that I’ve decided to buy a film camera for myself and continue shooting with it.
    I also have to say that I’ve never had pics which had such “character” before. Film has really ‘something’ which digital will never have. It’s not has crazy sharp as on modern cameras…but damn…it has Soul!

    I hope film camera live long and I hope we won’t be forced to drink the BIG’s marketing soup in the future by buying their short life span 6month duration digital heroes Iso pixels wars cameras.

  • Matt

    Film is DEAD, mourn it, accept it. Folks who love to use film cameras should start demanding manufacturers to make digital cameras like those of film instead of supporting a dead system of cameras and film.

    As for checking film insantly, how is that any better or worse if one does or does not.The picture you got either is good ro crap regardless of whehter you look at it now or months later. This romantic notion that only film has soul or charm is silly and uneducated. There’s nothing wrong with film, just that it is NOT cost effective, doing essentially the same thing. This is photography people,not painting, you take the camera, click the shutter and voila, you have a picture, no credit to the shooter.
    Hearing all the folks cry about film would be like hearing ppl in the future cry about the death of gasoline cars when a digital powered car is available.

    • Matt W

      Film may be dead for you, that’s fine. We still use film and enjoy it, end up with prints we can send to show off our kids without having to purchase a printer, digital camera and all the peripherals. The cost of a film camera today is almost nothing, a high end one costs less than 200 with a good lens. When people take less than 10 rolls of film a year, film is much cheaper. then buying all the digital stuff, having to purchase hard drives to store all your digital files, having to upgrade constantly to have your new camera work with your old computer, etc. . Film is an excellent alternative for a lot of people, when you compare apples with apples. The digital camera isn’t free when you want prints, check the price of printer ink these days.

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