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Yes Sigma announced new lenses for EF-M mount but it’s rumored to might say YES to Fuji X-mount versions

Sigma issued a press release to announce the new EF-M mount version of their APS-C lens trio. You can read the full press release below.

But there is also a “rumor”  about X-mount versions:  Well informed industry insider ThisTanaka said that Sigma is considering to finally launch the X-mount version  of their APS-C lenses….would be nice!


Sigma Ships Its F1.4 Mirrorless Trio Contemporary Lenses in Canon EF-M Mount

Ronkonkoma, NY – October 4, 2019 – Sigma Corporation of America, a leading camera, photography lens, cine lens, flash and accessories manufacturer, today announced that its 16mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($449 USD), 30mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($339 USD), and 56mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($479 USD) lenses are now shipping in Canon EF-M mount.

Key Features and Benefits of the F1.4 Mirrorless Trio
Sigma’s F1.4 Mirrorless Trio, 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary lenses, all benefit from a fast aperture of F1.4 to achieve sufficient amount of bokeh and admirable brightness even with APS-C size cameras which tend to have smaller bokeh effects compared to 35mm full size systems. Their compact and lightweight body is perfect for daily use as they cover the range from true wide angle to normal to portrait. Stepping motors ensure smooth, swift, quiet, autofocus for both still and video capture. In addition to Canon M-mount, these products are available for Sony E-mount and Micro four thirds camera systems.

16mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($449 USD) – High performance wide angle prime in a compact package.
30mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($339 USD) – Lighter and brighter Art line image quality with contemporary compactness.
56mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary ($479 USD) – Exceptional image quality and smooth AF for video shooting.
For full product details and technical specifications, please refer to the official press release here.

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