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Will both Canon and Nikon announce Full Frame mirrorless in February?

And now even Canonrumors reports about a possible High End (Full Frame?) mirrorless system camera presentation coming in February.

We’ve been told that Canon is sending out “very elaborate” invites to select dealers and VIPs for a mirrorless camera announcement next month.
The invitation was described as being very high end, printed on heavy glossy paper and showing a silhouette of a camera shaped like the EOS M6 with a hole cut out where the sensor would be.

Also Nikon might announce something before the CP+ show. But with both companies we still have no clue about what camera they will announce with what kind of lenses. But to sum up this seems to be the “trend”:

  1. Both companies could announced their FF mirrorless cameras (or prototypes or roadmap) on CP+ show.
  2. Both seem to use proper new mounts. They will not use the current DSLR mount and just take away the mirror :)
  3. Both seem to go for the Full Frame and not for the APS-C sensor.
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