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What’s next with Micro Four Thirds? New Sony MFT sensor, new 150-400mm PRO lens and new Panasonic high end cameras

The Micro Four Thirds future is still very uncertain. The big question is how willing JIP is to actually INVEST some money. The best guess for now is that they will start to CUT costs as much as it gets. And Panasonic may “downgrades” the system in favor of the APS-C L-mount cameras and lenses that they might announce in 2021.

In the meantime let’s check out the latest MFT rumors:
Sony has one newly developed MFT sensor ready for early 2021 (43rumors).
Will the Olympus 150-400mm PRO lens be announced around November 20 at the “Wild Bird Photo” event? (43rumors).
Panasonic will definitely focus on the High End MFT cameras while low end will not be priority (43rumors).

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