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What’s the mirrorless stuff coming at CES


The CES show starts on January 6th in Las Vegas. What new stuff can we expect from the mirrorless world? Not a lot also because the important CP+ photo show is taking place end of February:

Sony will certainly announce a new Action Camera and new Handycams at CES. But so far we got no word about a possible A6xxx. Looks like we will get the camera at CP+ (and so the new FE lenses).

It’s unclear if Panasonic will officially announce the 100-400mm Leica lens pricing at CES. But for sure there wont be any new MFT camera. The new Panasonic GF 4K camera will be announced at CP+

Fuji will announce the X-Pro2 and the new lenses AFTER the CES show on January 15.

Olympus will announce the new 300mm PRO lens on January 6th. New PEN-F will be announced at Cp+

Samsung is focusing on “emerging camera” markets. And they may hint their new camera business at CES. Maybe a sort of interchangeable smartphone-camera?

No news so far from those big guys.

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