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What could possibly go wrong with the new Nikon FF mirrorless?

So far Nikon’s marketing department managed to make us very excited about the new Nikon FF mirrorless. Nikon also had some obivous advantage:

– They know their “enemy” Sony. They can target their cameras properly and attack Sonys weaks spot (like ergonomy)
– They can build a hype on the new mount
– They can grab some attention with their 58mm f/0,95 lens

But truth is we don’t know for sure what the camera specs are and what’s the pricing of cameras and lenses. We don’t have 100% reliable and final info about the new gear. So what could possibly still go wrong?

  1. Video might lags behind Sony’s offering
  2. Autofocus and Eye-AF might be behind Sony’s tech
  3. Building a new lens line up takes time and people may not have that patience
  4. Nikon might cripple the camera on some features and we still don’t know about this
  5. Nikon’s 58mm f/0,95 pricing might be $3,000+ making it a no-go for 99% of the future Nikon Z camera owners. And what’s the pint of having a huge mount for fast lenses if you can’t buy them?
  6. Nikon Z may fit a small crop MF sensor like the Fuji GFX, but that sensor is a) expensive b) lags behind the latest FF tech

Any other point you might want to add?

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