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Triple Fuji X PRO 1 preview at Gizmodo, Engadget and Digitalcamerainfo.

You can now read two interesting reviews. The first is from Gizmodo (Click here): “The camera’s one drawback, and Fuji has told us that this will be the case on the production models, is that the autofocus isn’t going to be as snappy as it is on other cameras. Fuji says thats because that’s not what this camera is about.
And Engadget (Click here) says: “the X-Pro1 can produce usable 16-by-20-inch prints even at ISO 25,600, which is the maximum supported sensitivity. Identical images shot with the 5D Mark II showed significant noise in shadow areas, while the Sony Alpha A77 (NEX-7) produced an image that you certainly wouldn’t want hanging on a wall…Again, all of these samples were provided by Fujifilm, and were not the result of independent testing.
The guys from Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) also played with the camera: “Those brave design choices are a big part of why the X-Pro1 is the most endearing system camera we’ve seen in years. We can only really comment on the design and handling since we haven’t been able to run it through our battery of image quality tests. But from what we’ve seen, it’s a sweet, slick shooter.

We really need some independent image quality test soon ;)

P.S.: Still no preorder price at Amazon (Click here).

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