Tons of new X PRO 1 reviews and tests and videos!

Now that the first bunch of X PRO 1 is being shipped in Asia you can find many new reviews and tests. Here is the roundup of the latest news I found about the X PRO 1.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 High ISO Picture Samples & AF Speed Preview at InvisiblePhotographer (Click here). There is also an AF speed test on youtube (Click here).

There is a full review at Mobile01 (Click here to read the google english translation). Note that on the google translated website links to the full size images won’t open.

Part one of the german X PRO 1 test at SystemKameraForum (Click here).

The norwegian website Fotomagasinet (Click here to read the english google translation) posted: “After testing a few hundred cameras in my life, I have become quite spoiled, but the X-PRO1 impressed me. There are of course some things are not quite optimal – we can imagine a better electronic viewfinder, sealing, image stabilization in camera body and of course, better battery life. However, compared with the positive – a camera that is relatively small, discreet, quiet, with stunning picture quality a unique viewfinder and ergonomics that work, the weaknesses quite small in comparison.

ePhotozine posted image samples taken with all three diferent lenses: The 35mm f/1.4 (Click here to see), The 18mm f/2.0 (Click here to see), The 60mm macro (Click here to see). Also Photographyblog (Click here) posted a set of photos. A hands-on review has been posted at Amateur Photographer (Click here).

The Fuji X PRO 1 camera can be preordered:
in USA/Canada at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Epxansys US (Click here) and Expansys Canada (Click here).
in Europe at Jessops UK (Click here), eBay Italy (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here).
in Asia at Amazon Japan (Click here) and eBay Japan (Click here).

  • Ace

    I think the speed is decent. It’s even faster than my Ricoh GXR A12

  • TTTulio

    Any native video samples?

  • Kylberg

    Best evaluation of X pro 1 is at ReidReviews (paysite)

    • Nico Foto

      And what does he say?

      • Kylberg

        Sean Reid doesn’t do ratings and alike. It is more an critical in-depth walkthough of the camera in all aspects. It is a rolling review that will not draw conclusions until it is possible to evaluate RAW in LR or C-one. So far the most is about usability: ergonomy and usage indor sport and a mosaic stress test.

  • Miserere

    That AF speed isn’t bad at all, especially considering it’s in crappy indoor lighting.

    I wonder what type of cameras people use that they think this AF speed is so terrible…

    One thing I will say is that it does sound noisy, though I don’t know how high this guy’s gain was turned up on the sound recording.

    • Nico Foto

      I just bought an x100 a week ago – it came with firmware 1.12. I have dome some casual shooting with it, nothing crazy, shooting a bit on the streets, a bit of architecture, a couple of portraits, but i got a rough idea of the camera.

      I’m not sure what people expects from AF, but let me tell you, i have a GH2 and a canon 7d, so i more or less know what good/fast AF is, and I don’t think at any point i felt like the x100 AF was hindering my experience. I’m waaaaay more worried about the substandard battery life for instance.

    • Spyware

      Try XPRO1 + 60mm. You will know the real hell.

  • Jean-Michel

    It’s actually a great camera. Great IQ, easy set up, perfect size, especially for my big paws :). I just love it ! I’m expecting the next 14 mm and, of course, the M-Mount adapter. Eager to see fields results with these “legacy” lenses. Most of the reviews contradict what a lot of people told bad about Fuji. I used to work with Fuji lenses on large format camera for more than 20 years and I obtained great results. Hassy XP and 120-cameras from Fuji were just qualitatively amazing. AF speed is correct, general features are just what we need, 18mm IQ seems to have been improved since the first images samples we saw. It’s right that Fuji marketing was not good at first and the first images seemed to have been done by amateurs.
    Just the time to find it in my retailler to test it in my own hands and I buy it… :)

    • Sergio

      The battery life of the X100 hasn’t been a problem for me yet. I have a small pouch on the camera strap that carries an extra battery and memory card. So if you are concerned, carry a spare.

      • Nico Foto

        I think battery life is plain terrible. None of my cameras last so little on a single battery. I think any prospective x 100 owner should get 2 if not 3 extra batteries.

  • Nico Foto

    If the x-pro 1 takes the good stuff of the x100 and improves it, it sounds like a winner to me.

  • Kylberg

    I think the Xpro1 is a camera some like and some don’t. With the hybrid viewfinder it is a niche camera rather than main stream.
    They say it is big, but add the landscape grip to an Oly EM5 and you have the same size and weight. Weight and size Oly 12 and Fuji 18 about the same. Also Pana 25 and Fuji 35 about the same.
    IQ is probably stellar. At ISO 2000 clearly better than M9 according to a pro using M9 and M8.2 as main cameras (and now have an Xpro1). Interestlingly top ISO with RAW is 6400. Above that jpg is the only option.

    • Nico Foto

      Interestingly enough i ditched the ovf altogether on my x100. I cant stand the unprecise framing guides or the af frame and the “corrected af frame” thing. So, despite the coolness factor of the ovf, i’m just not using it, and i can’t say i’ve missed it so far…

      • DR

        “So, despite the coolness factor of the ovf, i’m just not using it, and i can’t say i’ve missed it so far…”

        Aha. No wonder you are complaining about battery life. I read somewhere one of the early XP1 testers reckoned it would go 1000 frames if you only used the OVF and turned off the LCD.

        • Nico Foto

          I’m not “complaining”. I use the GH2 in the exact same way as the x100:

          – Framing using the EVF.
          – Using the back LCD as little as possible.
          – Turning off the camera as soon as i’m done taking a pic.

          Used like that, I can tell right away that the GH2 lasts waaaay longer than the x100. In fact, out of my small format cameras (GF1, GH2, Canon S95) I would say the x100 is the worse in the “battery life” department…

  • Larry Summers

    olympus em5 > x pro 1

    • Eric

      that all depends on what your gonna use it for…

      Xpro-1. Larger Sensor, most likely much better image performance.
      EM5- Water and Dust Resistant? Large selection of lenses?

      the lists of pro and cons could go on for a while but at the end of the day its all what you want to use the camera for.

      I am buying an xpro1 and probably an Em5. EM5 for travel and rainy weather. xpro1 for image quality.

      • D

        Sure, it is two very different cameras but the comparison is very interesting as they are without doubt the two most interesting mirrorless that has come out so far so why not list it? without holding either camera or even reading any in-dept reviews I can say this:

        Significantly better image quality.
        Hybrid viewfinder.
        Larger grip

        faster AF
        Far better selection of lenses
        centered viewfinder.

        I will probably go for the EM-5 but if image quality is your top priority then the Xpro1 is defenitley the one to go for.

    • Antoine

      “Larry Summers” ?

      • jack

        Ahem, Large selection of lenses? How many of them are worth anything?
        1) 14-140 2)20mm or 25mm (latter is way overpriced) 3) 7-14 4) 45mm 5) 12mm which is attractive, albeit overrated for the price (7-14 performs the exact same at F4)

        Large compared to the NEX, but that’s about it. 43’s is filled with mediocrity and old sensors. Apart from MAYBE the 45mm, there isn’t one lens as nice as the x100.

        • Bryan

          I use both X100 and M4/3, and your opinion is very wrong.

          Have you tried 25 yourself? I also use fews 50mm/1.4 DSLR lens. This M4/3 25mm can compete with DSLR very aggressively.

          • jack

            It is true, I have not owned the 25mm… only borrowed for a couple of hours.

            For a $600 lens, I just don’t see it. You get marginally better color and contrast on a system in which color gradations and micro-contrast are more compressed than APS-C. If you don’t see that in your images, I don’t know what to tell you–I’m not talking about sharpness; there is little argument about the resolving capability of m43. So with this in mind, apart from AF speed, the GXR with 50mm A12 model eats the 25mm f1.4 for lunch, at about the exact same cost, with better controls, a pull out lens hood and macro capability.

            If you shoot APS-C SLR, in terms of Dof control (a primary motivator in a lens of this type), you get roughly a 35mm f2.2-2.4, which is a $200 (or less) lens. The build quality isn’t a pentax limited. So at best, you’re paying a $300 premium for f1.4 on m43 and dubious leica labeling.

            While it’s comparing apples and oranges, the lens and what it produces is not as nice as my minilux which I shot for years. Then again, maybe it’s not the glass that’s the limitation, maybe its the sensor.

          • Richard_K


            I think you refer to Pana/Leica 25mm. Right?
            That lens has a “Leica” mark on it.
            This lens was made by Panasonic, using the same Leica AG’s design, manufacturing, measurement, and QC standards.
            Leica doesn’t sacrifice its brand on a poor product.

            I have a collection of 50mm lens in various camera systems. This Pana/Leica one is the most excellent one. It’s even better than the most expensive APS-C 50mm I have too.

    • Kenneth

      In terms of performance, I think E-M5 is obviously more interesting(Super lighting fast AF, 3D tracking, 9-11 fps, weather-seal). 5-AXIS image stabilization also enables us to shoot with every type of lens including legacy lens too.

      In terms of high-ISO, XPRO1 is excellent. Ones should choose XPRO1 if they use high ISO at all times.

  • David

    I have a few reviews of my X-Pro1 experiences over at I have included using the camera for long exposure landscape photos.

    • Eric

      david those are some great samples! you have some awesome composition skill. I look forward to more updates.

      Just out of curiosity did you use a template for your site or was that custom designed?

    • Antoine

      Beautiful and pretty inspiring pictures. Where were they shot?

      • David

        It is a custom design, thanks for the kind words.

      • David

        They were all shot in Northern Ireland.

    • Jean-Michel

      Congratulations. Great pics. I just enjoy in advance to work with this camera…

  • Fred

    The only thing standing in the way of the X Pro 1 and me is the AF. People have been talking about it and I’m afraid it is too slow, but this video really is not that bad, I mean it’s not a DSLr but isnt that the whole point?

    I’m looking forward to having one in my hands to try it! Come on March, fly!!!!

    (well, and I need to see how will I adapt to that OVF/EVF)

    • Nico Foto

      At least in my experience the x100 AF is not as bad as people say. In fact, so far, i haven’t ever felt limited by it. YMMV of course, but sometimes I wonder if people complaining don’t know what they are doing, or are expecting these cameras to be “sports fast” when they clearly are not…

    • jack

      I’d going to second Nico Foto. I was expecting a dinosaur. Is the AF as fast as the D7000 or 7d? Heck no, but it’s world’s faster than most film cameras I shot for years, and faster than I could focus a rangefinder like the m9.

      I’ve never felt limited by it either. Would I use it for children running around or sports? Probably not, but many of these users may just be utterly spoiled by current technology to the point that they stop using their brains–like modern drivers and GPS… The dependence turns their brain off to the point that they have little awareness of their surroundings and struggle to follow basic instructions. Photo-journalists aside (David Burnett exception), generally the best photos I still see are from film photographers who know how to slow down and think instead of pushing 9 fps for photos of their cat.

    • Richard_K


      Me too. Luckily I had a chance to play with XPRO1 shortly at a photo exhibition at my country. The AF of 35mm is, in fact, slow but relatively acceptable. However, 60mm is a problem. It often missed the expected focus point. Just don’t believe me. Trying/testing is believing.

      Plus, MF is helpless. There are no features like focus navigator, focus confirmation, or peaking in the MF mode.

  • Nico Foto

    Exactly, I was expecting a dinosaur too. Frankly, it seems to be on par with a GF1, which, not so long ago, was the king of mirrorless cameras in terms of AF speed.

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