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Thom Hogan bets Nikon will release their Full Frame mirrorless at CP+ in February

Little (or better said nothing) is known about the future Nikon Full Frame mirrorless system camera. All we know for sure is that Nikon promised to launch a new professional mirrorless system camera in 2018.

Thom Hogan best that this could happen in late February at the CP+ show:

“I expect Nikon to announce their new mirrorless system at CP+, which for 2018 begins with the month of March. I expect Nikon to have both DX and FX mirrorless options by the time Photokina rolls around next fall.”

But what should we expect? Thom writes:

The optimist says that Nikon will realize their failures and add DX lenses, fix the consumer DX DSLRs, add DX mirrorless, add FX mirrorless (as a Df replacement, with a nod to retro), announce lens roadmaps, update the D5/D500, replace the D750, and Holy Sensor Batman add a higher pixel count D5x and at least one pro-level compact! Yeah, that’s some optimist.

The problem is that the cynical me is likely more correct than the optimist. And the reason is management. In retrospect, management has been making wrong calls for some time. Really bad calls.

More rendered images of Nikon Full Frame mirrorless camera on Facebook and Instagram.

Imaginary A7 vs Nikon FF :

Sony A7 vs imaginary Nikon FF mirrorless. #nikonmirrorless #sony #sonyalpha

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