This is how the Fuji LX could look (a Photoshop reconstruction)

A japanese deisgner recreated that Olympus Fuji LX image on the base of the leaked images. I think it’s a very reliable reconstruction of the final cameras.

For comparison only: Below you can see the front of the Fuji X100.

There are price drops on the Fuji X100. Check at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.
And the Fuji X10 is finally in Stock in most stores: Check at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay.

  • Roger

    Wow an Olympus Fuji partnership — how exciting. Just giving you a hard time admin :)

  • Eric

    Looks like the mock-up image is M.I.A. Did you save a copy by chance?

  • Dominik

    I want this camera. 18mm pancake + 35mm with a lenght of 4 cm perfect :)
    Then an adapter for M Mount and it would sell like hell :D But how much will it cost? More than the x100?

  • FMJ

    that image doesn’t work anymore (at least for me)

    maybe admin should save the image from the source and re host it somewhere else next time, just in case the image got remove

  • Jonas

    The pic is still there (click the link and you’ll see it). They just don’t allow hotlinking.
    But I saved it and uploaded it in case it disappears:

  • pelex

    Perhaps our Japanese designer (excellent rendering by the way) can apply the rumoured all-black finish?

  • drj

    what does this have to do with Olympus? Assuming Sony is soon going to provide prime lenses for its Nex cameras, the choice between the Nex 7 and the Fuji Lx is going to be a hard one.

    • gabriel

      Fuji lenses are pancake, Sony lenses are big. And strangly, for me, when i see Sony, i think of Playstation and Movies first, and not camera. Why not Sony do the same trick than car makers, use Minolta name for high end models, like Lexus versus toyota.
      Oh yes, there is a huge price drop on, from 999euro to an amazing 977,55 euro :)

      • z

        Sadly minolta is not exactly lexus to toyota, and konica minolta is pretty much still a living separate company.

        They still carry the tradition though, like Alpha which is the Maxxum of Asia(esp. Japan). In here, people call themselves Alpha shooters for ages, not Sony shooters.

        Lens branding is also exist today like G series that actually better than normal lenses unlike nikon and their good and bad but electronic G lenses.

        And the only moniker that fits the very high end model is the legendary, leica beaters, Zeiss and they pretty much did it.

  • Ben Y

    Good rendering but I wish they made the details more accurate. The leatherette doesn’t curve up like that in the leaked images. And we don’t know if it comes in silver.

  • pelex

    Looks a little like the M43 version of the Panasonic LC1?
    Sadly not true….
    Fuji, with fewer marketing constraints, pulls off yet another big one.
    Unless Olympus can manage something appealing to enthusiasts by spring, I’m holding onto my money.

  • Camaman

    Viewfinder looks bigger than X100 in the prototype pictures. And is that a round flash in the same place X100 has its?
    Also one picture clearly shows 4 holes to mount something in front on the body. A finger grip perhaps?

  • TR

    Can anyone guess what the switch on the front bottom right is for?

    • Mathijs

      AF-S / AF-C / MF.

  • cc

    Does it change my pictures? Improve my photography? Let me become smarter, richer, long-lived?

    • Forbes

      Another one of those responses…

      Just take a deep breath and relax, no need to get all philosophical. Just enjoy the rumors and excitement.

  • Kylberg

    Just one thing: Took a look at the X100 the other day. Its feels very plastic to hold. No quality feel, cheap material, light in relation to volume. My Pana G3 feels more solid and quality to hold. And GF1 and Oly P-1 feels more quality than G3.
    Hope that this one is better. It may be that a Fuji LX is better for my type of photography than my current equipmenet.

  • illumi

    If the picture quality will be as great as they claim …
    it just needs to be well priced and provide a good selection of lenses, especially pancakes and small tele lenses.

    Olympus has a small tele lens, but the picture quality (compared to Samsung or Sony) is just crappy.

    The lenses mentioned here are pretty intriguing. I am very excited about this product.

    It’s always great if a company just “gets it” and goes for innovation and high quality!

    • Thomas

      why is picture quality in relation to Samsung crappy? Yea, the 5N is pretty much on top, but besides this, the IQ is nearly the same!

  • mirrorless

    Why should LX body be different than x100? I mean.. they have already made a beautiful camera body.. why change?

  • bidou

    Found on photorumors comments, a black mockup :

  • antoine

    Obviously it will be a black camera. To distinguish it from the X100, just like the X10. And to make it visually in tune with most lenses on the market: black lenses. I’m sad as I’ve always been preferred chrome/black just like the X100, Leica M3, Leica III,…

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