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The truth about the new Canon EOS-R5-R6: Top photo cameras but unreliable video cameras

That Canon EOS-R5 and R6 overheating controversy may be slowly coming to a rest. We have both good and bad news:

The good:

Canon made the impossible become truth and they genuinely match the Sony cameras in terms of pure Image Quality. These are their best Photo Cameras ever made!

The Bad:

Dpreview tested the overheating issue and indeed found it crippling. The overheating clock is essentially running from the moment you turn the camera on. So even if you only check the menu or prepare the camera for the shooting or take some pictures this will eat up your video recording limit! DP says:

Not only does this make R5 a poor fit for many professional video shoots, it also means that you can’t depend on the cameras when shooting video alongside stills at, say, a wedding, which is a situation that the EOS R5 clearly is intended for. The cameras’ specs are rather over-ambitious.

I guess everybody now understand that if you are primarily a photo shooter you will be fine with those cameras. If you shoot video you better look elsewhere.

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