The rumor counterattack from Fuji: Full Frame X200 coming in 2014!

The A7 is here and you can preorder it at Amazon (Click here). A great A7r test with many image samples can be read at Brian Smith‘s blog.

Now let’s talk about the funny part. Right today we have the first reliable Fuji rumor to report! The usually very reliable xjrumo (translation) site reports that FUji will launch a compact Fuji X200 Full Frame camera within 2014. And it will have on sensor stabilization and faster AF than the Sony RX1. But the key info is that this is almost certainly a fixed lens camera. If it would have an X-mount it would become a potential A7 killer because of the on sensor stabilization. let’s hope Fuji gets the message and makes it with interchangeable mount!

  • J Shin

    > let’s hope Fuji gets the message and makes it with interchangeable mount!

    I hope someone at Leica is learning some lessons, too… These are the cameras they should have and could have come out with years ago.

    • amalric

      If they had wanted to go the way of Sony they could have done it a long way ago. But there is a glitch: if they suddenly lowered the prices, how would their traditional customers, who have forked big money, react?

      The Vario is a step in the right direction, but it is still a shameful 3000 $

      I have hope for Olympus although for me a camera with shallow DOF is uinteresting for Street Shooting. They might however produce a camera for Landscape, with less limitations than the A7r, since they master both AF and IBIS. I have the feeling that they might have a surprise in store. And perhaps they could do better than Zeiss, which has absurd prices, compared to other 35mm.

      • Fork

        Camera for landscape doesn’t need IBIS. Tripod is the way to go. The only way.

        • C. C,

          That is not true whatsover. I have been in plenty of situations (in the back country/mountains) where lugging around a tripod (even carbon fiber) was not possible or practical. YES, you can take excellent landscape shots with IBIS and NO tripod. I’ve done it – many times.

        • C. C,

          And obviously you’ve never shot with an Oly and the already legendary 5-axis IS. See, you can learn something every day.

      • Andy

        43 will always be at a disadvantage because it needs to squeeze twice the detail out of each square mm of glass as full frame for the same megapixal count. As glass tech improves for m43 it also improves proportionately for the other formats, thus keeping the smaller format at a relative optical dissadvantag. While it has a size advantage, the realities of physics will always dictate a tradeoff…

        • youdidntdidyou

          Care to explain the physics as to a why a small eyed eagle can see better than a large eyed elephant?

          • Taran

            Hah, that’s the best argument for m43 I have heard yet. I tip my hat to you sir.

          • Roy


          • brokebroek

            Eyes are not glass lenses, sensors are not brains. Your analogy is flawed.

          • youdidntdidyou

            nope, not flawed, you have to do some more thinking….

        • C. C,

          And how much detail is enough? 43 gets it done, while you are off in never never land.

  • Dummy00001

    > a compact Fuji X200 Full Frame camera

    Why not medium format?!

  • Steve

    This will likely be a market test just like the X100 was. If successful they will then look at introducing a FF mount.

  • Christian

    No doubt there will be more full frame camera’s to hit our shelves in 12-24 months. Fuji won’t displace their heavily invested X APS-C lenses and bodies just yet. Bringing in a fixed lens body first seems a logical move. Just like the X100 was the foray into APS-C mirror-less.

    There’s a reason why Zeiss have a high asking price, they carry the premium because of the higher image quality. The majority of Zeiss lenses are fantastic, across all platforms. Olympus already have great primes in the 12, 17, 45 and 75 but I don’t see Olympus diving into full frame for a while now. With all of their own financial woes it just doesn’t seem viable with all the R+D spend on M43rds.

    Sony will have the mirrorless FF market to themselves for a while, by the time another ILC pops around they will have had another bundle of lenses released and street prices dropped slightly. Fuji will play this smart and wait for new technology to be developed to give them an edge.

    • Fork

      It’s not the case for Sony “Zeiss” – these are all japanese designed lenses and most of them are not particularly good, in fact a little worse than their premium counterparts. The only exception is ZA 135/1.8.
      Well, about the “real” (i.e. Cosina) Zeiss: most their lens line up is outdated and extremely overpriced for what they can do. In most cases there are cheaper and better autofocusing lenses. Exceptions are newest designs of APO Sonnar 135/2 and APO Distagon 55/1.4. But they are HUGE.

  • vilo

    So it seems the megapixel race is going to be replaced by sensor size race :D Hope other companies will push prices of new cameras down as sony has just done

  • Emuga

    If it has fixed lens, who cares if it has IBIS or optical stabilization?

    What a stupid rumor. Looks like someone just made it up.

  • Mr.NoFlash

    If its not a totally boring 35mm andnot boring 24-70 Standard zoom, then I like it that it has a fixed lens.
    Reason 1: Fuji´s Fixed lens cameras usually have Leaf shutter. I prefer Leaf shutter.
    Reason 2: I like Fuji but I do not trust Fuji that Fuji can build two lens systems. A Full Frame sensor would not fit into the Fuji X mount, so they would need another mount. I do not want to invest into a lens system that has a shaky future.

    Please no boring 35mm means: I would prefer for example 45mm, 50mm, 60mm with F1/1.8, or 20mm F/1.2, or a high-aperture-small-zoom-area lens with 40-60mm F/1.8

    • GEEEE22

      35mm is not boring.

  • Johnny NoCash

    A counter attack? Not really. I nice rumor, yes.

  • kona_moon

    I hope X200 will have a zoom lens (a moderate range), otherwise it will be the same as RX1.

    • Johnny NoCash

      Stop trying to turn the X100 into a generic zoom camera people…. there are plenty of those out there… there is only one X100 (X200).

      • Joscha

        I disagree. There is NOT A SINGLE fast fixed lens zoom camera out there, and a lot of people might jump at it.
        The new Sony RX10’s 2.8 aperture will produce a DOF like a 7.6 FF camera, i.e. you won’t get a shallow DOF, because the sensor is too small. That is much worse than even the old Sony R1.

        I understand that Sony would not want to build a fast fixed lens zoom, because it would cannibalize lens sales. Fuji is in a unique position, because it does not have FF assets to defend.

        Just imagine a true 18-55 or even 24-70 2.8 with image stabilization. It would suit the needs of many travel photographers nicely, do away with dust issues, and almost totally empty your kit bag.

        • Correction bot


          Keeping Correction bot busy.

  • john

    I hope Fuji does not make an interchangeble mount. After the DP Merrils and the Ricoh GR, I am convinced that fixed lens systems are the way to go if you want ultimate quality. Maybe release 2 or 3 different focal lenghts. I hope Sigma will do the same with their full frame Foveon.

  • rishio

    Not much of a counter-attack to the Sony A7 if you can’t change lenses.

  • Joe

    xirumo is just about the least reliable site out there they produce almost zero original content and source everything from other rumor sites.

  • Bengt Nyman

    It’s not the Fuji counterattack that is particularly interesting.

    It’s the Nikon and Canon entry into FF mirrorless that is pending and will be most interesting.

    I believe that the Sony a7(R) is an undercover market test vehicle for Nikon. If the a7(R) becomes a success Nikon is likely to shift it’s big weight in that direction.

    So, why would Sony agree to an arrangement like this?
    Because they are already selling image sensors to Nikon and they will be selling image sensors and EVF displays to Nikon when the mirrorless train leaves the station.

    After all, what is that new Nikon plant going to be used for?
    It’s hardly to build more outdated DSLRs.

    And why doesn’t Sony bother to offer any lenses to speak of with the a7(R)?
    Because they don’t have to, Nikon might be calling the shots.

    What will Canon be doing?
    That’s harder to guess. Canon produces their own image sensors. There has been rumors about a high resolution Canon Foveon sensor. Canon might be going their own way. They have the biggest market share to defend. For all I know they might announce their own FF mirrorless surprise any day now. And they won’t be short lenses to do it.

    • Emuga

      I am pretty sure with a mind like yours, you also believe that humans never landed on the moon, G Bush was behind 9/11, Bermuda Triangle has a resident evil spirit, area 51 and the aliens, and of course UFOs and aliens abducting humans to have sex with them .. and on and on.

      Some people are really weird.

      • Bengt Nyman

        I thought we were here to talk about cameras. Your personality probably does not interest many of us.

  • youdidntdidyou

    Canon and Nikon will be on shaky ground when they try to introduce mirrorless as a replacement for their DSLRs, can you imagine the marketing message?

  • Camaman

    It wilk be interesting to see where they will go with this X200.
    Fixed prime, or 24-50mm f2.8 or f4.

    One thing is certain they are pulling a x100 again.
    Meaning ILC in 2015.

    Hopefully with ibis so you can pack 3 leica primes and be done with it.

  • Will

    Yes I want an interchangeable full frame camera but the ease of the X100s and the fact I can’t spend countless more dollars on it appeals highly. I really look forward to this, if it has the silent shutter of the X100s then it’s probably got me, there’s always other camera’s for long shots, I’ve used so many fixed lens film cameras that i’m used to them, it’s not a big deal for casual shooting, and if it has a f2 lens some sweet DoF will be achieved.

    But I really like the Sony so far, ticks a lot of boxes, leaves 2 or 3 unticked but every camera does.

  • GEEEE22

    X200 with a 35m 2.0 lens at $1599 and I’m sold…

  • matteogallolux

    Does someone of the guys complaining about the fixed lens know that there is a wonderful wide-angle converter for the X100/s?
    Hopefully, they can do the same thing for a hypothetical FF X200; maybe they can do also a sort of “tele converter”, creating a mini Fuji FF system. That could be really cool.
    Yourwelcome for the advice, Fuji! :D

  • Chris

    Unasked Question here is: FF X-Trans or not.
    FF X-Trans – and I am sold

  • Cameras 69

    Una noticia muy interesante. Será mi próxima cámara, en sustitución de mi actual X-100, si además tienen el acierto de poner un 40 mm f 1,8

  • MrGecko

    Here is an idea. Not X200 but X-Pro 2 with a new set of lenses. They now have the capacity Pro 1 cameras are being blown out at discounted prices and the X100s is almost perfect for what it is. My wish list has a specialized X100m (monochrom) to compete with Leica AND a FF X-Pro 2

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