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The next two product announcements: Olympus on August 22th and Sony on August 28th.

Getting closer to Photokina and next mirrorless stuff is coming. Olympus will announce the 60mm macro (with ring flash adapter) on August 22th (yes on Wednesday London time). The new PEN cameras will follow in a second announcement in September. A more “spectacular” announcement could be made by Sony on August 28th. New NEX5-R and NEX-6 cameras with Application support, WiFi, Phase detection on sensor will be announced. Along a 16-50mm pancake zoom, a normal 11-18mm wide angle zoom and a fast 35mm f/1.8 prime.

Oh the spectacular part may be that sort of “hybrid” E-A mount Full Frame mirrorless camera from Sony. I really want to see that monstrous thing for real :)

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