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The landscape will change with the new Nikon and Canon FF: How will Fuji-Olympus-Panasonic answer?

Nikon and Canon will soon announce their new Full Frame mirrorless system cameras. This will put a lot of pressure on Fuji’s X, and Olympus-Panasonic MFT system for multiple reasons:

1) FF mirrorless competition is likely to reduce prices of FF cameras and lenses

2) Canon and Nikon will spend a lot of money to advertise their new mirrorless systems. No longer can Fuji-Olympus-Panasonic advertising run on the “DSLR vs Mirrorless” argument.

3) Only the high end camera market is still profitable. It will be a strong fight for that small niche.

4) Fuji-Olympus-Panasonic high end camera now have to offer some clear strong advantage to justify the purchase over the larger sensor Canon-Nikon-Sony competition

Fuji has at least a “way out” with the GFX system for those who wont to have a larger sensor camera. I would hope Panasonic and Olympus will launch a new FF system together. But I am probably just dreaming…

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