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The biggest hit at Photokina? It could be the Samsung NX1!

Well, we are slowly getting a clear picture about what’s coming.

1) Sony will focus on their A-mount stuff and “only” announced lenses for their mirrorless system (Zeiss Loxia and “normal” FE Sony lenses).

2) Panasonic will announce the LX1000 (fixed lens) and GM2 4K capable cameras

3) Olympus will announced the E-Pl7 today and is coming with a Silver E-M1 and new 40-150mm Pro lenses in a few days.

4) Canon/Nikon: Nothing serious on the horizon

5) Fuji “could” but also “could not” showcase a prototype of the 2015 X-PRO 2

So what could become the big hit at Photokina? Well it will come from an unexpected company: Samsung!

I have been told by sources the camera has the potential to become the best APS-C camera on market. It has a terrific EVF, over 10fps, brand new close to 30MP sensor and fastest AF on market. It looks like a modern camera (no retro style says redcrow).

I really can’t wait to learn more about that camera….

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