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The best news of today: Fuji finally made a 65mm f/1.3 (FF equivalent) fast lens for medium format!

My personal favorite news of today’s announcement is the fact we will finally get a super fast lens for the medium format system. The new 80mm f/1.7 is equivalent to “63.2mm f/1.34” in Full Frame. And it’s actually NOT a big lens. Here is is compared with the 23mm f/4.0:

And here it is compared with other fast Full Frame lenses:

via CameraSize

Now, the bad news is that the lens will be available in 2021 only. No listen to me dear Fuji managers: I am willing to jump into your GF system if in 2021 you will launch me exactly this prototype you showed us last year:

Image via Dpreview

Yes, a medium format X-T styled camera for $5,000. That’s what I want! And believe me this would kick all current FF cameras in their butt :)


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