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Tamron interview: Lot’s of exciting “unique” lenses are in development

Tamron manager Kota Misawa chatted with Phototrend and shared many interesting insights:

  • We also receive many requests for prime lenses, including a 90mm macro lens, and consider them. Other competitors, however, already produce macro lenses for mirrorless systems, so we have to think about how to develop much more attractive macro lenses. I invite you to stay tuned for our next announcements.
  • Our performance shows that there is a market beyond so-called traditional focal lengths. After launching the 28-75mm, we were convinced that if we thought about customer needs and came up with a product that aligned with our philosophy, we could reduce the risk of developing unique lenses.
  • If possible, we would like our entire Sony E mount range to be developed for the Z mount. But we have not yet decided which models exactly will be developed.
  • The next step will be to plan new APS-C lenses.
  • Of course, we always focus on designing compact and lightweight lenses. But now we also consider video-oriented users.
  • We are thinking of a direct connection to the lens, with an integrated wireless chip, which is very difficult.
  • Considering the geopolitical risks and supply chain aspects, we decided to build another factory in Hanoi.
  • We are not sure about developing new SLR lenses, as SLR camera sales are down. So we will decide according to the market situation and trends.
  • We believe the number of avid photographers is growing as the photography market shrinks. Therefore, we believe that the demand for high-end lenses will increase, and we are happy to continue to develop new products such as the 35-150mm f/2-2.8. At the moment, we are thinking about new high-end lenses. I invite you to stay tuned for our next announcements.

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