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Tamron says global market hasn’t recovered yet and it’s forced to extend the production stop

Tamron issued a worrying press release. Here is the google translated text:

Tamron Co., Ltd. has taken some measures to close its domestic Aomori factory in the May-September period in view of the decrease in global demand due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus.
However, the global market has not yet recovered, and in consideration of the uncertainty of the future market environment, we will continue to extend the partial closure of the domestic Aomori factory until the end of the year as follows.

      ・ Some factories closed: Hirosaki Factory, Namioka Factory
      ・ Target period: October 1st (Thursday) to December 31st (Thursday), 2020

Although the business will continue during this period, it may cause inconvenience and inconvenience to our business partners, but we appreciate your understanding.

Worrisome also because Tamron was one of the few companies doing great in terms of sales…


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