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Surprise: DJI joins L-mount alliance!

L-mount is still struggling in the competition against Sony-Canon-Nikon Full Frame world. They need some good news and they got one today! Dpreview writes:

DJI has announced it’s joining the L-mount alliance, making it the fifth member of the partnership that consists of Leica, Leitz Cine, Panasonic and Sigma.
To kick off its induction into the alliance, DJI has announced a new Zenmuse X9 L-mount interchangeable lens mount plate, which will allow Ronin 4D users to attach Leica, Leitz Cine, Panasonic and Sigma L-mount lenses to their 6K or 8K rig. Previously, the Ronin 4D was limited to DJI’s proprietary DL mount, Leica M mount and Sony E mount options, which could be swapped with one another as needed.

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