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Sony launches the NEX-FS700. Panasonic to counterattack on Thursday!

We are getting closer to the NABshow in Las Vegas and Sony is the first company to announce a new mirrorless camcorder! The NEX-FS700 you see here on top looks quite..well…unbalanced with that 18-200mm E-Mount lens on it :) Sony missed it to introduce some new high quality NEX zoom lens for filmmakers. With the 18-200mm that camera is pretty much like a Tiger in prison, or a Ferrari driven by Massa or a Djokovic forced to dance ballet :)
That said here is the full press release including specs: Sony Europe. There is no info about the price yet. But early rumors said it would cost around $8,000.

But good for Sony that also Panasonic seems to not be fully awake from the hibernation. Their new 12-35mm and 35-100mm X zoom lenses have been delayed again and will hit the stores by end of summer only. nevertheless Panasonic will introduce a new AG-AF camcorder on Thursday April 5th (yes that Thursday). Also the GF5 will be announced along the new camcorder. But that is not really a surprise anymore as specs and images leaked a long while ago!

P.S.: Canon si going to introduce a new “mini” C300 camera.

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