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Sony is going really PRO with a new A9 camera!

A Sony A9 rendering (not the real thing)

In just one week SAR got two rumors about a new Sony high end E-mount camera. This should become the new Sony A9. A bigger and more powerful FF camera. Probably the first camera that could play in the league with the very big Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Here are the two rumors:

Rumors One:

“The next generation flagship mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap. It will drop a huge bomb in the imaging industry. It will not be A7III or A7RIII. It will be a new model above A7 series. I would say A9 (let’s name it as the new model). So the new A9 will have dual XQD card slot, no CFast version, only XQD. A9 can do UNLIMITED RAW burst, UNLIMITED. The camera wont pause for buffering.”

Rumor Two:

a7Riii the new sensor will be between 70 – 80 Megapixels. They are working on improved IBIS as well. Although officially the new lenses per the 24-70 F2.8 GM and the others have been tested for QC at 60+ Megapixels and 6K+ Video they achieve even better results than that.

Sounds great!


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