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Smartphones with 64MP and 108MP sensors are coming in 2019-2020

Soon Fuji will announce the first sub $10,000 camera featuring a 100 Megapixel sensor. Well, it seems like smartphones will be capable to shoot such resolutions from 2020:

Credit Suisse made this prediction for the smartphone market:

  • The CIS technology roadmap calls for further evolution towards higher megapixels, with development expected to bring 64MP in 2H 2019 and 100MP in 2020. The trend will increase the number of lenses required (though weight is an issue), demanding higher levels of cooperation between lens, module and AP manufacturers to achieve incremental improvements in image resolution.

Of course there is a huge difference between the quality of a large 100 Megapixel medium format sensor and computationally created image using a number of very tiny sensors. Still, it’s impressive to see the fast innovation within the smartphone industry.

via Image Sensor World

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