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Sigma CEO gives rare insight on future tech: Plastic Glass, Curved sensors and more…

The French website Mizuwari (google translation here) interviewed Sigma CEO MR. Kazuto Yamaki. There are a lot of news inside their article and I am only sharing four of them here:

Glass versus Plastic Glass:Plastic glasses suffer from a major problem: they dilate strongly when it is hot and shrink just as much when it is cold. These variations are detrimental to optical performance.

Curved sensors:The curved sensors would be an interesting solution for smartphones but too restrictive for a conventional camera, fixed or non-fixed.

Foveon sensors:We are not against supplying Foveon sensors to other manufacturers, but it is not so simple. Beyond the hardware, it is also necessary to take into account the dedicated processor, the way to exploit it, the very particular algorithms that make it possible to take advantage of the triple layer architecture.
I am completely for a Leica M with Foveon sensor! And if we made bigger sensors, I’d love to see Hasselblad Foveon sensors.”

Medium Format:we can not afford to embark on such an adventure.

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