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Samsung roadmap info gets leaked through China conference!

Raf007 at Dpreview forum got some interesting info about the current and future Samsung strategy. He writes:

“Ive found some interesting info from Samsung’s last week conference in Beijing. At first some more or less known facts:

NX30 AF speed up to 30% faster than NX300, better focusing in low lights, shorter shutter lag
16-50mm has four stops stabilisation
faster focusing than 45mm 1.8
ED-SEF580A is based on Metz 58 AF-2

Now come some more interesting facts/rumours from the conference

Samsung is going to release entry level NX3000
New flagship model is going to be released probably next year
50-150mm 2.8 water and dust resistant is going to be released probably next year too
300mm 2.8 is it the works. Apparently Samsung had a prototype of the lens already in 2011″

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