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Samsung NX500 Footage & First Impressions at Cinema5D.

Cinema5D (Click here) tested the new Samung NX500 4K capabilities. Their pros and cons list is:

-Excellent battery life
-full manual control
-Good fast mostly accurate autofocus in video mode
-High quality OLED screen which allows easy focusing (especially if used in combination with LCDVF from Kinotehnik
-Peaking is accurate and pleasant to the eyes
-Multi resolution/frame rate camera
-Multi region (PAL/NTSC)
-H265 codec (currently not supported by the major editing platforms but it’s only a matter of time)…
-Touch screen (for the one who like/need it
-Interchangeable lens system

-No dedicated headphone/ line-in terminals for better audio recording/monitoring
-30 min recording limit
-No build in viewfinder
-No “flat picture profile” in this engineering sample.
-“In camera” battery charging

This is really a great camera. Just wish it would be a tiny bit cheaper :) But that said Samsung really did everything right lately with the new NX1 and NX500. Can’t wait to see how Samsung wants to improve the lens system too!


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