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Major Samsung announcement at CES

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THere is little doubt now that Samsungs camera business is fading out. And a couple of long time Samsung sources told me the Korean company will make a major statement at the CES event in early January. I have also been told to expect one major surprise!

Stay tuned on Mirrorlessrumors!

  • Marco –

    This is the most useless rumor ever. Sorry but that’s it. I mean…we know that NX is no longer in the biggest European markets. What will they say at CES? Another system or what? What could the surprise be at this point and, above all…positive or negative for NX users????

    • MarcTGFG

      Mayber selling their camera division to Nikon, giving them the mirrorless portfolio they are lacking or to Canon, with them replacing the EOS-M series in favor of the more advanced NX mount and lens range…

      • Marco –

        As I said on another forum, I’d buy into any brand that decides to keep alive NX mount.

    • Reji Bae

      It can’t be negative.
      Negative things do not get announced at a CES. It just don’t happen.
      Well we will all find out soon.

  • I don’t really believe in the NX-mount to be honest. Sony has something good going on right now. The E-mount lenses can be adapted to both APS-C and full frame mirrorless cameras of theirs, which is already a good set-up for a viable eco system.

    Then there’s adapters. There are tons of adapters out there for anything to E-mount. Including electronic ones and ones with glass elements that concentrate the image to a smaller plane on the sensor (a focal reducer, making the most use out of S35 mode). Hell, there’s even a Micro Four Thirds to E-mount adapter (and not the other way around)! It’s probably the most adaptable and versatile system out there.

    Just one thing I’d like to see Sony do… color science! The image out of Sonys (except for perhaps the Sony F35 cinema camera) aren’t as great as the stuff Canon and Nikon are pulling off. The NX1 even does a better job, I’d say. It’s just a hassle to get right in post and the others are much nicer right off the bat. Actually, I’d like to see ’em do two other things as well. No fully articulated vari-angle touchscreens! What’s up with that!? The Olympus E-M5II has proven it can be done and still keep a nice compact size. Something else is overheat issues. And they even lower screen brightness in heavy loads as a counter measure. That’s no good! Just get it under control already.

    Thing with Sony is… as much as they’ve been pushing full frame mirrorless, we haven’t seen much APS-C stuff lately! Which really is a shame. I guess it’s because they want you to go full frame if you want sweet features. But I’d like to see a new Axxx-camera with trickled down features from the likes of the A7RII, A7SII, RX10M2 and RX100IV. I also think they didn’t really think people would be thát interested in good video from the A5100 and A6000. Implementing XAVCS as somewhat of an afterthought on the latter. Would be cool if they’d up the game with the next one…

    Canon is stubborn and always doing their own thing. Saw someone mention Pentax as a possible canidate to take the NX-line somewhere else, but don’t really see that happening either. Nikon indeed might be the best bet, should anyone out there actually be considering taking over the NX system. They now only have the 1-series mirrorless line, which is, meh, not all too interesting I’d say. I can imagine they don’t want to hurt their pro-level full frame camera sales, what I can imagine is they want a good consumer grade system that just sells like hotcakes. APS-C mirrorless gives customers a compact system and attractive pricing. Although, it might mean quite the hit to their DSLR sales. But by this time you can no longer deny mirrorless systems. People are used to shooting pics and vids with their cellphones, they’re used to liveview and aren’t waiting to go back in time and use a flippin’ mirror with optical viewfinder. The sizeable bodies appear more serious, but by now everyone realizes it’s not about size, but what you can do with it ( :P ). The only thing I still see traditional DSLRs good for is autofocus accuracy, because the light is measured with dedicated phase detection sensors.

    Neways. But again, if I were any of the big guys out there, I don’t see much appeal to the NX-mount/eco system. I might only be interested in their design structure, they manage to pull crazy data from the sensor, makes the others look like they’ve got Pentium II processing or something.

    What I could see Samsung do is trying to up their game what video production concerned. They might even bring out a fully fledged cinema camera. Could that be the big announcement?

  • R Leung

    Probably some Chinese company will buy out the Samsung camera business.

    • Roman

      Xiaomi? it will be great…

      • Nevercat

        Let’s be serious, when Samsung was unable to make the people buy their cameras in large numbers (like Canon, Nikon and Sony do) then who wants the division? OK, maybe Canon or Nikon will buy the technology, but they will not use the mount, they will use their own mount and try to use the AF technology Samsung used, but will it help them, as the other brands are not sitting still too. Canon or Nikon could better buy into m43 or E-mount (or even Fuji X-mount) to make better sales then to buy into NX mount

      • Nevercat

        Let’s be serious, when Samsung was unable to make the people buy their cameras in large numbers (like Canon, Nikon and Sony do) then who wants the division? OK, maybe Canon or Nikon will buy the technology, but they will not use the mount, they will use their own mount and try to use the AF technology Samsung used, but will it help them, as the other brands are not sitting still too. Canon or Nikon could better buy into m43 or E-mount (or even Fuji X-mount) to make better sales then to buy into NX mount

      • myNameIsCondor

        Xiaomi NX2. Sounds good. :D

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    So they will finally admitt it that they are closing the camera business but final note is they will release some new Firmware to improve few things on the NX1 so not to leave a bad taste in the mouth of the current NX1 owners. That is my guess.
    Question is if some other company will buy their sensor or camera division?

    It is such a major defeat for them as they where stating only about 2 years ago that they would be a leaders by now. They certainly had the money But it is s shame ss it means less competition in the market

  • peevee

    They sold it to?… Lenovo? Huawei? JKImaging? ;) Canon/Nikon? ;)

    • Slaven

      I’d bet to Xiaomi.

      • peevee

        I think only Nikon needs Samsung camera and especially sensor lines and can afford it. If Chinese want to enter the market, they would buy a brand like Konica etc, or the whole Nikon.

  • Mk.82

    Surprise is that Canon buy the Samsung camera division.

    • Chris

      Samsung is many times larger than Canon and sitting on a massive pile of cash – $55 billion at last report – enough to swallow Canon and Nikon with tons to spare.

      A partnership selling sensors to Canon or Nikon would make more sense.

      • Andrei

        Samsung’s camera division is many times bigger than Canon’s?

        • Chris

          Samsung Inc., $305 billion sales 2014 > Canon Inc. $35 billion 2014 sales. Singling out divisions is irrelevant.

          • HF

            Not if devisions have to produce revenue even internally. In many companies divisions rival each other.

          • Andrei

            The takeover was about the camera division, not the entire Samsung.
            That is only a tiny part of that 305 billion, maybe not even 1 billion.
            If it makes a loss for Samsung, it might just sell the camera division only. It happended many times that a company sold a specific division and was taken over by another one.
            See Lenovo and IBM for example. Lenovo was a small company compared to IBM back then.

          • Chris

            Samsung makes sensors, and makes a lot of cash selling them to others, the sensor business is going nowhere. Cameras are just an offshoot of its sensor business. This whole “Canon should buy the NX line” is ridiculous on so many levels, Canon doesn’t need Samsung anything, they own over 40% of the ILC market. There’s no way a small selling APS-c line would do anything for Canon’s bottom line when they already own a major part of the market as is. It makes no business sense. Even putting Canon on the NX1 wouldn’t help because of the lack of EF lens compatibility. The Camera uses a completely different OS, the list goes on. Sometimes I think people just type random stuff without thinking it through.

          • myNameIsCondor


  • Boston C

    If it’s a business decision such as exiting from system camera business, why would Samsung announce it at CES? Makes no sense. It’s has to be product/technology related, that’s what CES is for.

  • Arend.

    It might be that Samsung is leaving the camera bussines to focus on making sensors. This would be a really good as a competitor to sony sensors is what we need at this point.
    It would also be better for other camera makers, as they (samsung) do not have any camera’s and in that way do not compete with buyers of their sensors. I think Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and maybe even Canon could be interested.

  • Jak se máš?

    Samsung is going to announce that the rumor is all hogwash. They will be releasing at least 3 new S-series lenses and a new NX2 camera, and laugh at everyone that believed the rumors. Samsung has enough cash, to support a losing camera division. If they are smart, they will continue for another five years at least. It takes time to enter a market like this and get users to buy into another system. Waiting only 2-3 years is not realistic.

    • Nevercat

      Only thing is, Samsung started the Mirrorless business at the same time as Sony did, Sony is market leader in the mirrorless market, Samsung iv very, very far behind. They made very nice cameras, but did the marketing not good. They missed real nice features that draw people to them… Maybe it is wise to quit the business at a moment you have not invested to much in it.
      But Maybe you are right and they will come back with a great offer. But to be honest I don’t think so as it is very quite in Korea.
      It is also possible that Samsung will announce that they come with a FF mirrorless camera, or just a new TV!

      • myNameIsCondor

        Exactly what I thought. The NEX and NX (quite similar, LOL) came out almost simultaneously. However, my guess is, that the “surprise” is not camera related at all.

  • Macintosh Sauce

    I am so glad I sold my Samsung NX1 w/ 16-50 S lens package before it was too late. Already prices are dropping dramatically on eBay for the NX1. Sold it for three reasons:
    1) too heavy since my auto accident at end of March (rear-ended while stopped)
    2) no S lens above 150mm available
    3) these quite disturbing rumors of Samsung shutting down their camera business

    You do not pull out of markets if you are bringing a new flagship (i.e. NX2) out in January 2016. Logic dictates that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    With the money I received from sellling the NX1 package I got two Lumix GX8 bodies (black) and two prime lenses to start with. Going to get the 12-35mm f/2.8 and 35-100mm f/2.8 lenses soon. Also, I’m awaiting the 100-400mm lens that is coming out by Spring 2016.

    The GX8 is quite a lovely mirrorless camera. :)

  • Pro shooting digital since ’92

    After shooting Canon cameras for over 30 years I sold all of it to buy into the Samsung system. Bought 2 NX1’s, a NX500 and 7 lenses and couldn’t be happier. This is the camera I was hoping Canon would build for ver. II for the 7D or the 70D. Then I learned the Samsung fabrication techniques were 2 GENERATIONS ahead of anything Canon was building. Guess maybe Samsung learned a thing or two from building 100,000,000 phones and tablets.
    The NX1 uses a BSI 28Mp sensor and 32Nm Copper circuits vs 512Nm Aluminum circuits for Canon. The NX1 can encode 4K video to h265 faster (real-time) than an 8 core Apple Mac Pro tower! Samsung also has some incredible FAST and COMPACT glass to accompany their APS-C sensor. NO ONE has ANYTHING to compete with their fast 16-50 or 50-150 Pro lenses. This has all gone completely over the heads of a mostly unstudied public. My hope for a BIG SURPRISE is that Canon, Sony or Nikon is buying the tech and a partnership for the fabrication. I HOPE and PRAY that this isn’t a lesson to Canon, Sony, Nikon that brand is more important than product development and performance.

    • peevee

      “BSI 28Mp sensor and 32Nm Copper circuits vs 512Nm Aluminum circuits”

      That is not 2 generations, as semiconductor fabrication technologies go, this is at least 8 generations.

    • Boston C

      I’ve kept saying that had Samsung slapped on an EVF into NX500, it would have dethroned A6000. So there is no lacking of bad design/product decision making on Samsung’s part, even with its superior technology advantages.

  • Pro shooting digital since ’92

    Coincidently, when I was buying Canon they were the number two creator of US Patents right after IBM. Guess who is creating more patents in the US now than Canon? Yes, that would be Samsung.

  • Craig Thorn

    Well that’s not difficult to work out is it because Samsung CEO is giving a keynote speech at CES2016 and you can bet he will take the opportunity to announce something “big” at the event. Doesn’t mean its going to be camera related though does it.

  • azbest

    who cares about january? we live NOW!

    • myNameIsCondor

      I’m pretty sure, Samsung shooters care.

  • yugi

    Surprise might be that they bought some major camera manufacturer like Sony, Canon, Nikon or Pentax/Ricoh.

    • Demokratur

      believe that something is going to happen in camera business during 2016. Samsung will on one hand never ever trough away many man years of work out of the window. If they are not continuing the camera line they will of course try to sell the knowledge. If they continue they will instead try to by market shares

  • Hubertus Bigend

    As someone else said, if there is an announcement, it will be something positive, because negative things are not announced at CES. Without more data we can only speculate wildly. A sellout to someone else, like Canon? That wouldn’t be positive, either, and rumors are that the R&D divisions for both compact and system cameras are already closed down. Or did they already prepare a restart, a third attempt after stopping to sell Pentax DSLRs with Samsung labels and not really getting far with their own NX system after that, however technologically advanced it was? If so, we could, of course, start wondering in what shape and form that could possibly be… but would they close down R&D if they would have been up to something like that? Probably not.

  • Stephen Dexter

    Samsung make great cameras and lenses – such a shame they may be quitting the camera market. And such a pity their excellent mirrorless cameras did not take off as well as they should have….

  • Jørgen

    I think it is a very nice cliffhanger! Wonder what it’ll be…Let’s hope for the best!

  • John Patrick

    Come on guys since we don’t know what the news is we might as well have some fun with guessing, I’ll kick off. Samsung is going to buy out Canikon, shut them down and launch a whole new range of FF and MF DSLR and mirroless systems, re-brand all the Canon and Nikon gear including all the glass under a new name Samcaniksung…

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