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Rumors from India: Canon with Four Thirds sized sensor and Nikon V1 modern look!

Rumors about the Canon mirrorless camera are getting stronger. Sources from IndianTimes at MirrorlessRumors and Canonwatch wrote that Canon will go Nikon’s way with their new mirrorless camera design. The camera will have a modern look and remind in many ways the Nikon V1 (picture on top of this post). The Canon will in no way remind any past design and not go the same route of the Fuji X PRO 1 (rangefinder style) or the Olympus E-M5 (DSRL alike design). But unlike Nikon Canon will use a large Four Thirds sized sensor like the one used for the GX1.

Canon announcement is scheduled for June. So stay tuned! As I told you yesterday there is a lot of new stuff coming soon!

P.S.: Nikon 1 is getting some nice deals and climing the sales ranking at Amazon (Click here).

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